Chapter Nine

Rose awakens in Jack's arms. She sighs forlornly as she remembers the sad news he had shared with her. They had lost Lindsey. First her mother, and now Lindsey. Who else would she lose...Jack? She turns around and stares at his peaceful face. This must be hard for him too. He had truely loved LIndsey, they had grown so close over the past month. But as always he puts his own pain aside to tend to hers.
Determined, Rose gets up and heads for the nursery to check on the twins, who of course are still sleeping peacefully, unaware of their parents grief. Rose is determined for the twins and Jack, she was going to put her grief aside and get things back to normal....before Lindsey. Humming Come Josephine, Rose runs downstairs and starts breakfast for Jack. She was going to serve him breakfast in bed.
"I see you're in a better mood," Cameron speaks up from the kitchen table, the day's paper in his hand.
Rose gasps as she turns and sees him. She didn't see him setting there. "I didn't see you there."
"I know," Cameron grinned. "But that's ok. You know we have a cook to do that in the mornings. Wait another hour and she'll be here."
"I know that. I wanted to surprise Jack. Breakfast in bed cooked by his wife," Rose turns back to the stove.
"Oh, so my cousin enjoys that every morning?"
"No. But he deserves it today, after how supportive he's been for the past couple of months," Rose shrugs.
"Of course," Cameron continues his grin, looking Rose over once more. She was even more beautiful in the morning. He had to find some way to get her.
"Rose what are you doing down here?" Jack yawns, entering the kitchen.
"Oh Jack what are you doing up?" Rose asked. "I was going to surprise you."
"I have a early morning meeting with the board. What are you doing?" Jack asked, coming up behind her.
"I was going to serve you breakfast in bed," Rose turns to him, placing her arm around his neck. "I decided to be a better wife and mother to you and the twins. I didn't know you had to get up early."
"Oh Rose, that's so sweet of you. And don't worry, you are a great wife and mother," Jack lightly kisses her. "But now me and Cameron have to get down to the office before they start without us."
"But what about breakfast?"
"I'll grab a muffin at the office. See you this afternoon Rose," Giving her one last kiss, Jack is out the door with Cameron following behind him.
Rose stands in the middle of the kitchen, her face full of disappointment when Kathy enters. "Hey Rose. Feeling better?"
"I'm fine," Rose nods. "I just said good-bye to Jack."
"Oh yeah, it's the big meeting today," Kathy nods.
"The big meeting?"
"Jack gets to address the workers as one of the new owners of the company. He must be nervous."
"Should I have gone?" Rose asked, furrowing her brow.
""What for? You're not required to be there unless you're the speaker or one of the employees," Kathy laughed. "I think you're just trying to look for an excuse to be near Jack right now and it's completely understandable. You two had just lost a little girl you loved and all you have now are those twins and each other."
Rose sighed and took a seat in the nearby chair. She was growing weary of the direction the conversation had taken. She wanted to talk about something else. "So...have you heard anything else from Jake?"
Kathy shook her head. "Nothing. Of course he may have tryed to stop by but Cameron sent him away. That's just like Cameron to do that," Kathy sighed. "He's so determined for me to marry Mitchell Humphrey."
"Jake reminds me a lot of Jack when we first met. You may not believe it, but when he was telling Cameron why he found life on the streets so appealing, his words matched Jack's exactly when Jack had come to dinner with the first class aboard Titanic."
Rose giggles and nods. "Hey, you want to go to the park this afternoon to see if we can run into him again? It'll take my mind off LIndsey and give me something to do til Jack comes home."
"Okay. Let's go," Kathy grins.

The park was practically empty. Only a few people occupied the benches. Rose and kathy chose the empty bench in the middle of the park to set and watch the twins play.
"They must miss Lindsey," Kathy sighed.
"They do. They were looking for her this morning. Molly kept saying ere indsey. I don't know what to tell them," Rose held back a sob. "And I'm at a lost of what to do. Shall we fight or should we just let her go live with her grandfather? Either way it's painful."
"Rose...don't hate me for saying this...but I think it's best if you just let her go. I mean it's not like you don't have children and can't have anymore. Plus with Jack getting use to running a's just a good idea not to fight."
"But kathy...that old man...he was so cold. He reminds me of my mother before Titanic. I know all too well what it's like to grow up in that type of environment. It's not the kind of environment for a child."
"Well Rose...I don't know what else to say. The decision is really your and Jack's. See what he wants to do ," Kathy shrugs.
Rose just nods and looks at her hands and the wedding band she's worn for the past two years. "maybe he can see things more objectively than I can. jack was always the calm one."
Kathy just smiles at her cousin in law and the look of deep pure love in her eyes when she speaks of her husband. Kathy wonders if she'll wear the same look when it comes time for her to marry.
"Why hello ladies. Fancy meeting you here this early in the morning," a familiar voice speaks up from behind them. Kathy smiles as she turns to see Jake.
"Jake," She smiled.
"Hey Kathy. Hello Mrs. Dawson," Jake nods.
"Just call me Rose," Rose smiled at Kathy, recognizing the look of fascination in her eyes. She could remember when she had worn the same look when she had met Jack.
"So what are you two lovely ladies doing out here on this lovely morning?" Jake asked, taking a seat next to Kathy.
"Cheering Rose up," Kathy said. "Her and Jack had just lost the little girl they were going to adopt. So I thought it'd be good to bring the twins to the park and enjoy the fresh air, at least until Jack comes home."
"Oh yes. My friend works for the Dawson factory. He said there was a meeting to meet one of the newest additions to management. I take it that it's Jack?"
Rose nods. "He's really nervous about it. He's never been over anyone before."
"Don't worry. The men are good fellas and by what I've seen of your husband ma'am, he'll be one of the favorites for sure," Jake grinned. "They'll like him a lot better than that Cameron fella. That man is pure...well let's just say he's a tyrant," Jake grinned, remembering that Cameron was Kathy's cousin.
"I couldn't agree with you more," Rose nods in understanding.
"You can tell that Rose doesn't like Cameron very much," Kathy grinned. "Can you believe he had the nerve to come on to her when grandfather had first brought her Jack to Boston. The looks on his face when he found out you were married to Jack..."
"So do you girls plan to visit that joint again tonight?"
"All depends on Jack," Rose said. "We're going through tough times right now. He may not want to."
Jack's face falls in disappointment, knowing he wouldn't get a chance to spend a lot of time with Kathy without chaperones, and Jack and Rose seemed to be the only ones willing to do so. "Well, maybe some other night then."
"Maybe," Kathy nods.
"Better be going now. I have an interview with a newspaper editor today. They may print some of my stories," Jack laughed. "I shall see you ladies again. Good day."
"Good day," Kathy waves as Jake leaves them.
"He's a nice fellow," Rose nods. "He's quite taken with you."
"You really think so?" Kathy askaed, turning to Rose.
"Of course. I mean, look at you couldn't take your eyes off of one another."
"Mmmmhmmm," Rose nods getting to her feet. "Well we've got what we came for. Let's head for home."
That's when the dizziness hits her and she finds herself falling to the ground in a dead faint.
"Rose!" Kathy screams kneeling next to a deathly pale Rose. "Rose!"
"Kathy what happened?" Jake is immediately at her side. Her screams had brought her running back to the park bench.
"I don't know. One minute she's just fine and getting to her feet, the next she's on the ground as white as a ghost."
"Has this happened before?" Jake asked.
"I don't think so. We have to get her back to the house," Kathy begins to sob.
Jake takes her hand. "Kathy listen to me. Go get the children. I'll carry Rose. We'll get her back to the house."
Kathy at first just looks at him, and then she nods. "Let's go."
"Mrs. Rose!" Sylvia, the main maid in the mansion exclaimed in surprise and horror when Jake enters carrying the unconcious girl. "Whatever happened?"
"Rose fainted Sylvia. Go send Wallace for the doctor right away," Kathy explains. "Then come back and take the twins up to the playroom."
"Yes Miss. What about the young man here?" Sylvia asked, eyeing Jake suspicioiusly.
"He's a friend. Now go and do as I asked. Please," Kathy had to keep herself from snapping at the woman.
"Yes Miss," Sylvia nods, disappearing out of the room.
"Where should I take her Kathy?" Jake asked.
"Upstairs to her room. She'll be more comfortable in there," Kathy nods. "I'll stay down here with the children til Sylvia gets back.
Jack nods and follows Kathy's directions.

One hour later...

Rose is now wide awake and the doctor has exited the room to tell the others of shis diagnosis.
"Well doctor. What's wrong with Rose? Why did she faint like that?" Kathy asked as Jake places a supportive arm around her shoulder.
"To say it simply, she's pregnant. Two months along," the doctor explained. I recommend that she stays in bed for the rest of the day and then she'll be back to her normal routine. I've scheduled an appointment for next week so I can keep an eye on things. Make sure she keeps it."
"I will," Kathy nods, pressing down the growing excitement in her chest.
"Oh yeah, no excitement either. This looks as if it may be a difficult pregnancy. It's hard to tell at this time. But just to be safe, keep her calm."
"Yes sir," Kathy nods.
"Good day Miss Dawson," the doctor tips his hat and goes downstairs to leave.
"See. Everything is fine," Jake turns Kathy so she's facing him. He's immediately drawn into her beautiful blue eyes and can't help but stroke her golden blond hair. He knew he was in love with her. He just couldn't imagine his life without her in it.
"Jake..." Kathy places a hand on his chest that immediately goes up around his neck when he pulls her in for a kiss.
For just two seconds they're in a world of their own. No one else exists except for the two of them. Then Cameron arrives.
"What's going on here!" He yells, immediately pushing them apart. "How dare you come in here and put your hands on my cousin!"
"Cameron please...."Kathy tries to intervene but is cut off.
"Go to your room Katherine! I will handle this!" Cameron doesn't look at her. He just openly glares at Cameron.
"Cameron," Kathy tries once again and this time Cameron fixes his angry glare on her.
"What did I just say?"
"It's ok Kathy," Jake nods. "Go on. I can take care of myself."
Kathy just looks at both of the men, one angry and one calm. She sighs in defeat, but she doesn't go in her room. She goes into Rose's room, who's now once again sleeping peacefully.
Cameron turns his glare back on Jake. His eyes are full of hatred. How dare this street rat think he could come into his house and try to force his way into this family. Jake doesn't falter. He evenly stands his ground. He's not going to let Cameron Dawson push him out of Kathy's life.
Cameron immediately punches Jake, sending him whirling back into the door. "I don't know what you think you're doing coming up here in my house trying to move in on my cousin, but you can think again. Katherine's already taken. She's marrying Mitchell humphrey, a wealthy Boston lawyer. Not some gutter rat off the streets," Cameron growled.
"Oh really? I think she has other plans," Jake smiled cynically at Cameron. "You can punch me and yell at me as much as you want Cameron. But you'll never get rid of me. I love Kathy and she loves me. And there's no comeing between us."
"Oh really?"
"Really," Jake crosses his arms in front of his chest.
Cameron is balling up his fist for another punch, but Jack comes up before one is thrown.
"What's going on here?" Jack asked, coming between the two men.
"This street rat here was coming on to katherine," Cameron growled. "I caught them right here in this hallway kissing."
"My name is Jake. Not street rat. Try to get it right," Jake glares at Cameron.
"Cameron, no name calling ok. It doesn't solve anything," Jack sighed tiredly. "Now what's going on here? I come here to check on my wife, who I hear had to be carried home from the park today to find you two throwing fists at one another."
"I caught Jake and Kathy kissing. And I'm not going to stand for it! Do you hear!" Cameron growled.
"That's Kathy's choice, not yours," Jake stands face to face with Cameron. "You don't own her Cameron! You can't tell her who to marry!"
"You've got that wrong Jake. It is my choice. It says so in my grandfather's will," Cameron growled. "My cousin here can confirm that. Right Jack?"
"The will only said to advise her on her choices, not tell her who she can and cannot marry," Jack shakes his head. "Listen, it's been a long day, plus I want to check on Rose, so why don't Jake just come by some other time to visit Kathy if she wants him to."
"You mean I'm welcomed to see her again?" Jake asked.
"If that's what she wants," Jack shrugs, ignoring Cameron's angry glare. "But right now I think it's wise for you to just leave your number and Kat can get in touch with you and you two can work something out then."
"Okay," Jake said, immediately getting out his pen and pencil and jots down the address. He presses the piece of paper into Jack's hand, knowing that Kathy would get it. "Tell her I'll be waiting. Oh and congratulations." With that Jake is gone.
"How dare you tell that trash he can see our cousin again?" Cameron glowered.
"Not now Cameron. I have to check on Rose," Jack sighed. "We'll talk about this later."
"You're darn right we'll talk about this later Jack. I will not see a member of MY family married to gutter trash!"
Jack just ignores his angry cousin and goes into his room to find Rose peacefully sleeping and Kathy sitting at her side in tears.
"Kat? What's wrong? Why are you crying?" Jack asked, sitting next to her and putting a comforting arm around her shoulder.

"Because I'll never see Jake again. Cameron's going to make sure of it," Kathy cried.
"Kat...of course you'll see him again. Cameron can't stand in the way of that. Believe me, I know from experience that what may seem out of reach really isn't. you love Jake? I mean really love him, like you can't think of anything else?" Jack asked, looking into Kathy's tear-filled eyes.
She just nods.
"Well then it's inevitable that you guys are going to get together. No matter how much Cameron rants and raves," Jack laughed.
"But I don't know how to get in contact with him...and I'm sure Cameron's going to have him banned from the mansion," Kathy sniffs.
"Here," Jack presses the paper with Jake's address into Kathy's hand. "He left this for you. It's his address."
"Oh Jack...thank you," Kathy hugs her favorite cousin. "You're a lifesaver. Rose is so lucky to have you."
"Speaking of Rose...Sylvia said she had to be carried in here. What happened?"
"She fainted in the park. Jake came up and he carried her up here. We called the doctor...and ...well, I'll leave the rest of it up to Rose to tell you. It should come from her," Kat smiled, standing. "I'll leave you two alone now. She should be waking up any minute."
"Wait Kathy. Jake told me congratulations. What does that supposed to mean?"
"Rose will tell you," Kathy smiled, going to the door. "I'll see you two later."
With that she's gone, leaving Jack alone with Rose, who's already opening her eyes. "Jack, you're home," She smiles happily. She couldn't wait to give him the good news.
"Yes I'm home and worrried sick about you. What's going on?"
Rose's smile widens. "Jack...we're going to be parents to three children instead of two, in nine months."
"You mean...?" Jack asked, uncertainly, not wanting to hope.
Rose nods. "I'm two months pregnant. We're going to have another baby!"
Jack smiles happily and hugs his wife, not wanting to let her go. "Oh Rose this is wonderful! We're going to be parents again! Does Molly and Tommy know?"
"Not yet," Rose laughed. "They're in their nursery playing."
"Well let's go tell them," Jack pulls Rose out of bed and they both go into the nursery to find their two children playing blocks. Jack takes Tommy and Rose takes Molly.
"Guess what darlings," Rose hugs Molly. "You're going to be a big sister and brother soon. Another baby's on it's way."
"Yay!" Molly laughs.
"Baby!" Tommy laughed.
The small family laughs and cuddles together. Not wanting to part with their twins, Jack and Rose carries them into their room and all four cuddle together and falls asleep.