Chapter Eight

Albert Linningston is waiting for Jack and Rose when they return to the mansion. Rose recognized him instantly. Looking over at a black car, she gasps in horror when she sees Lindsey's teary face in the car window.
"What are you doing! Let her go!" Rose cried, running up to the old man.
"I've come to collect what's mine Mrs. Dawson," Linningston coldly replied.
"You can't do this. Our lawyer called to halt the proceedings..." Jack began.
"He was too late. Court order here says I have full custody of Lindsey. She's mine now Mr. Dawson and there's nothing you can do about it."
"Oh yes there is. Lindsey is our daughter and we're not letting you take her without a fight," Jack stands face to face with the older man.
"Well then be prepared for the fight of your life. I'm not going to let my granddaughter be raised outside the family."

Your granddaughter? Why weren't you there to claim your granddaughter when Stacey died? Where were you when guardianship was left to me? Why do you come out now when she's going to be adopted? What's the big rush now?"
"Rose calm down," Jack returns to Rose's side and takes her hand. "Seeing you like this isn't good for Lindsey. I'll call the lawyer and see what's our options," Jack turns back to Linningston. "But in the meantime Lindsey stays here with us!"
"No. She's going back to New York with me and she's coming back now. If you have anything else to say have your lawyer contact mine. Good day Mr. and Mrs. Dawson," He turns and enters the car.
"Wait!" Rose runs after the car as it pulls away. "Wait! At least let us talk to her! You can't just take her away like this! Give us a chance to say good-bye!" Rose sobs uncontrollably, then collapses on to the pavement as the car disappears into the horizon. "Lindsey no!" Rose cries uncontrollably.
"Rose...come on. Let's go in," Jack solemnly replied, pulling her up on her feet.
"No Lindsey," Rose sobbed.
"Rose please."
"Jack? Rose?" Kathy comes running out of the mansion. "What's going on? Where's Lindsey?"
"Where's Lindsey?" Jack turns to his cousin. "Kathy you were supposed to be watching her. How could you let that man come and take her like that?"
"What? What are you talking about? She was playing on the sundeck there."
"Well somehow that Mr. Linningston came and took her. He had a court order and everything," Jack sighed, holding Rose as she sobbed uncontrollably.
"Oh no. Oh Jack I'm so sorry..."
"We're going to get her back...somehow...we're going to get her back," Jack guides Rose to the mansion. "But right now let's check on the twins then I'm making a call to our lawyer."

One hour later...

Jack hangs up the phone and sighs sadly. The news wasn't good and it was going to destroy Rose. How was he going to break this to her? How was he going to make up for what they had lost? Sighing once again, Jack heads upstairs where Rose is in the nursery rocking Molly to sleep and singing her a lullaby.
"Rose?" Jack enters.
"Hi Jack," Rose smiled up at Jack, the smile didn't reach her eyes and her voice was emotionless.
"We need to talk...alone," Jack said, taking Molly from her and placing the baby next to her sleeping brother.
"About what?"
"Come on," Jack takes her hand and leads her into their room. There he sets on the bed and pulls her down onto his lap and holds her tightly. "I talked to the lawyer just now."
"...Rose...he said that now Linningston has custody of Lindsey there was nothing we could do. There's no way we can fight Linningston and win," Jack brushes a red hair out of her eyes.
Rose gasped tearfully, tears welling up in her eyes. How could this happen? How could they lose their little girl so easily?
"Rose?" Jack asked, tightening his hold on her as she began to tremble with sobs.
"Why Jack? Why did this happen?" Rose cried.
"I don't know Rose....I don't know. We can still try to fight this I guess, but the lawyer said we'd be lucky to even catch a glimpse of Lindsey again much less regain custody."
At that Rose sobs uncontrollably. There really was no comforting her. Picking her up, Jack lays her on the bed and lies down next to her and wraps his arms tightly around her. They fall asleep that way and didn't wake up til morning.