Chapter Five

(There may be some historical discrepancies here since I don't really know when Rhythm and Blues began in the U.S. I think it was sometime in the fifties...but I'm not sure.)

Jack and the others are standing outside the brick building, ready to go in when Kathy takes a nervous step back. She wasn't sure of this.
"Kathy what's wrong?" Rose asked, turning to see if she was following.
"I don't know about this Rose. In fact, I'm so surprised you're so calm about all this," Kathy bites her lip.
"That's because I trust Jack and you should too. He'd never take us anywhere dangerous. You should know that by now," Rose squeezed Kathy's hand. "Come on Kathy. We'll go in together."
Kathy smiled at her cousin in law and nods, allowing Rose to lead her into the building that's full of rhythm and blues music and people setting around the tables. As they enter the music suddenly stops and everyone in the building turns to face them.
"...Jack...are you sure about this?" Rose begins to get nervous herself.
"Trust me," Jack squeezes her hand.
"Why Jack Dawson? Is that you?" A booming voice exclaims happily. Rose looks away from Jack to see a heavy set black man approach them, his brown eyes lit up with happiness. "Why Jack Dawson, how longs it been now? Three years?" The man immediately grabs Jack's hand and shakes it vigorously.
"That's about it," Jack grins happily.
"Well where have you been? Last time I heard you ran off to Europe and look at you. Looks like you've come up in the world."
"Yeah. Turns out my grandfather was filthy rich and I inherited a great deal of his estate," Jack grinned.
"Well well well, you must be a member of the Boston Dawson's here in town. My momma used to work for them. Good family they were. The old man even came to her funeral," the man nods. "And who's this?"
"Oh this is my wife Rose Dawson and my cousin Kathy and her escort Jake Matthews," Jack places a arm round Rose. "Guys, this is Wishbone Jenkins, the owner of this joint. He took me in while I was passing through Boston a couple of years back."
"It's very nice to meet you," Rose shakes the man's hand.

"Why aren't you the little lady. Jack sure has done well for himself," Wishbone grins, shaking her hand vigorously. "Looks like Jack's done real well for himself. Man, it's good to see ya again. Well come on in. I'll show you and your friends here to my best table. Great talent here tonight. Just follow me."
They are seated at the first table in front of the stage where a man is standing singing a song about not being right for a woman.
"You four enjoy yourselves now and don't worry about paying. For Jack and his friends everything is on the house," Wishbone grinned before disappearing back into the crowd.
"Nice man," Jake nods.
"Yeah. He really helped me out in a rough time in my life," Jack nods.
"May I help you?" A woman walks up to their table.
"Yes, we'd like four beers please," Jack ordered.
"Sure thing sugar," the waitress nods and walks away to the bar.
"Want to dance Katherine?" Jake asks, standing and taking her hand when a slow song began.
Kathy looks at Jack, not knowing what to say.
"Go ahead and dance if that's what you want," Jack nods. "Me and Rose will either be dancing or right here talking."
"Ok," Kathy takes Jake's hand and allows him to lead her into the crowd.
"They're a cute couple," Rose smiled, looking back into Jack's eyes.
"Sounds a bit familiar don't ya think? First class girl and a homeless guy? The whole world against them?" Jack smiled caressing Rose's hand.
"Well they have an advantage on us Jack. Kathy has a cousin who identifies with Jake...I didn't. Plus she's not engaged to that Humphrey man."
"No, but she might as well be the way Cameron has it set up. He refuses to even consider anyone else as a suitor. But seriously...I think Jake would be good for Kathy. Show her the lighter side of life."
"Like you did for me?"
Jack smiles and nods. "Rose...I know we haven't been spending much time alone together but I promise to make that up to you. It's just that with the's not easy finding alone time with the family."
"I understand Jack. But we're alone now...sort of. Besides, I know it's only temporary. I'll just have to take what I can get. But the children to miss you. Tommy's now increased his vocabulary to ear's dada," Rose smiled. "He loves you so much and so does Molly and Lindsey."
"I love them too Rose. That's why I want to approach you on this subject privately."
"What subject?"
"How do you feel about making Lindsey our real daughter? She's so cute and well-mannered and the twins lover her as much as we do. How about it? I'm sure it's what Stacy would want."
"Oh Jack, do you really mean it?" Rose's voice borders on the edge of happiness and uncertainty.
"Rose I wouldn't suggest it if I didn't mean it. So what do you say? Let's call the lawyer tomorrow and make Lindsey our daughter for real?"
"Okay," Rose laughs with happiness. "Yes Jack. I'd love to make Lindsey our daughter for real. But let's ask her if that's what she wants first. We'll ask her when we get home."
"Okay Rose. If that's what you want," Jack leans over the table and kisses her.
"This is a great place," Jake returns with Kathy. "I love it."
"Me too," Kathy smiled. "Everyone's so friendly."
"Well then we'll come here all the time then. Just the four of us," Jack grins happily. "But it's getting late so we better get going."
"Why Jack Matthews! I can't believe it! A voice exclaims from across the room. Jake turns around to see a heavy set man with red hair heading towards him, dragging a rail thin black man along behind him.
"Why isn't it Diamond Jack and his sidekick Artimus Pruitt," Jack grins happily. "Never thought I'd see you around these parts."
"Well Artimus and I decided to check out the tables up here in New England and Art here was in the mood for some jazz, so we came here," the man laughed. "Come down to New Orleans sometime and I'll set ya up with some nice games...and maybe another session with Delilah if you know what I mean."
"Who's Delilah?" Kathy asked.
"Oh no one important," Jake turns to Kathy. "It's getting late. We better get going. Uh, was nice seeing you again. Maybe we'll get together sometime."
"Sure. Bring your friends if ya want!" the man waves as the group leaves the joint.
"Well that was interesting," Rose smiles. "Who was that?"
"...An old acquaintance from a long time ago. You can say he helped raise me but I ran away when I was sixteen. This is my first time seeing him since I left Mississippi," Jake explained.
"How did you grow up Jake?" Kathy asked curiously. She wanted to know everything about the handsome stranger who had helped her out on such short notice.
"It's a long story that we don't have time for right now. But maybe I'll tell ya next time," Jake smiled, not even taking time to wonder if there'd be a next time.
"I'd like that," Kathy smiled.

Dawson Mansion

Lindsey is awake when Jack and Rose returns, much to their delight. This was the perfect time to ask her the question they've been dying to ask her for the past two hours.
"Jack! Rose! You're back!" The little girl bounds happily out of bed and into Jack's arms.
"Well hello short stuff. What are you doing awake?" Jack smiles happily.
"I couldn't sleep. You weren't home," Lindsey bites her lip. "You're not mad at me are you?"
"Of course not darling. We could never be mad at you," Rose touches her cheek lovingly. She's still spinning from Jack's suggestion to adopt Lindsey. She couldn't believe that this precious little girl was going to be their daughter.
"But we do have a question for you Lindsey...a very important question," Jack carries her to her bed and sets down with her in his lap. Rose sets right next to her, on Lindseys' other side.
"You do?"
"Well you see...Rose and I...we love you a awful lot Lindsey, just like you were our own daughter and we were wondering if you'd do us the honor of becoming our real daughter. If you didn't mind if we adopted you and changed your last name to Dawson?" Jack explained.
"You mean you and Rose will be my new mommy and daddy?" Lindsey asked, excitement filling her voice.
"That's what I mean kiddo," Jack grinned. "So what do you say? Be our next little girl?"
Lindsey eagerly nods. "May I call you Mommy and daddy now?"
"Of course you can," Rose laughed, hugging the little girl. "You can start calling us mommy and daddy as soon as you like."
"Ok. May I go to sleep now daddy?" LIndsey turns to Jack.
"Of course," Jack stands up and puts Lindsey back into bed. "Sleep well Lindsey."

"I will daddy. Good night mommy," Lindsey kissed Jack and Rose before closing her eyes. "I love you."
Rose gasped with happiness. She wasn't expecting that so soon. "We love you too Lindsey. Sweet dreams."
They creep out of the nursery and back into their room where Rose embraces Jack immediately.
"Did you hear that Jack? She loves us!"
"I heard Rose," Jack squeezed his wife. "I'm so glad that this makes both of you happy."
"And how about you?"
"You know it makes me happy. It was my idea remember?" Jack laughed. "Come on Rose. Let's go to bed. It's going to be a long day tomorrow."
Little did they know that it was going to be a long couple of months.