Chapter Three

Five days later
Kathy and Rose are out taking the children for a walk at the local park when Kathy meets the love of her life. Rose has just taken the children down to the lake to feed the ducks, leaving Kathy alone when Kathy's approached by Cameron's friend...Mitchell Humphrey.
"Why Miss. Katherine Dawson. What a pleasure to find you here," Mitchell Humphrey smiled. "Even though Cameron said I could find you here...well you know Cameron."
"Yes I do," Kathy openly glares at the man. Oh why was Cameron insisting on this match? She had already told him that she hated the man. Maybe if she made him believe she was here with another gentleman, maybe he'd leave.
"Are you here alone/" Mitchell looks around.
"No I'm not Mr. Humphrey. I'm here with another gentleman."
"Oh really? Where is he? If I was him, I wouldn't be leaving the lady I'm escorting to the park by herself."
"He didn't leave me alone Mr. Humphrey. I wandered away. In fact, it's best that I get back to him," Kathy turns to leave.
"Well let me escort you back to the fellow. I'd like to meet him myself. He must be pretty special for you to be so loyal to him."
Kathy searches the park, looking for the perfect man who would be willing to pose as her date on the last notice. Then he spots him. A handsome young man with light brown hair and broad shoulders scribbling in a notebook. He looked nice enough, though he was dressed rather poorly. But that didn't matter. She was desperate. Thinking quickly, she runs to him before Mitchell could follow her.
"Do me a favor," She quickly takes the stranger's arm. The man looks at her in confusion. He had never seen this woman in his life. "Put your arm around me and pretend that we're here on an outing together."
"You mean like I'm courting ya?" The man asked, his brown eyes lighting up with amusement.
Kathy nods. The stranger does so just as Mitchell comes up.
"So this is your date?" Mitchell looks the man up and down with distaste. This boy obviously wasn't of high society. No gentleman would dress like that, all except Cameron's cousin. But he hardly was a gentleman. Cameron would be interested in hearing about this.
Katherine nods, scooting closer to the kind man who agreed to help cover for her. "We've been courting for a couple of months now."
"Oh really? Funny your cousin didn't mention that. What's our name sir?"
"Jake. Jake Matthews," The man grins and holds his hand out for a handshake. Mitchell doesn't accept the handshake. He only nods.
"Well I'll be off. I'll see you later Katherine," Mitchell nods, walking out of the park.
Katherine sighs in relief. "Thank you Mr. Matthews. You've done me a big favor. I don't know how I'd ever repay you."
"Oh it's no biggie. I was glad to be able to help out such a beautiful woman," Jake smiles again, his brown eyes sparkling. "So why did you want to dodge that fella anyway?"
"Oh he's a friend of my cousin Cameron. Cameron has this idea that he'd be perfect for me, but I can't stand Mr. Humphrey. He's the most arrogant man on this earth. He thinks he's God's gift to women."
"Well you obviously don't think so," Jake grinned.
"How did you guess?" Kathy giggled, beginning to enjoy Jake's company.
Jake moves closer and looks in her eyes. "Intuition I guess."
"Kathy?" Rose approaches them with the children.
"Oh Rose there you are. You've just missed my little adventure?" Kathy grins, not taking her eyes away from Jake.
"Oh Really?"
"Yes. Mr. Humphrey came by and Mr. Matthews here rescued me," Kathy turns to her cousin.
"He did? How?" Rose glances at the handsome stranger. He certainly wasn't upper class. He reminded her of Jack when they had first met.
"I just posed as her date for the day," Jake shrugged. "It was no big deal. I better be going. It was a pleasure Miss Dawson," Jake takes her hand and lightly kisses it. "Good day Miss..."
"Dawson," Rose smiled. "Mrs. Dawson. I'm married to one of Kathy's cousins."
"Oh yes. Well it was nice to meet ya Mrs. Dawson," Jack nods before disappearing out of the park.
"Kathy who was that?" Rose excitedly asked. She noticed the sparks flying between the two.
"Jake Matthews. I don't really know him. He was just the nearest man around so I grabbed him and asked him to act like we were together and he did."
"Well we better get home. It's time for the twins to eat and Lindsey's nap," Rose picks up the little girl and let's Kathy control the stroller.
" was it when you met Jack? Did you instantly know he was the one? Or did you have to get to know him first?" Kathy asked.
"It was a instant connection. I felt him staring up at me on the ship and I looked back. At first I ignored him, but somehow his gaze drew me back. Is it like that with this Jake?"
"I don't know. But I think I have to see him again. I wish I had asked him more about himself," Kathy sighed.
"Don't worry Kathy. If it was meant to be, you'll see him again. I mean, look at Jack and me. I was a first class passenger aboard the Titanic and he was third class. We weren't ever supposed to be together, but we did meet again and we did takl and fell even deeper in love. So don't'll see Jake again."
"You sound so sure," Kathy laughed. "Jack's been wearing off on you."
"I hope so," Rose smiled.
Dawson Mansion
Rose and Kathy came in to see Jack and James standing in the corner while Cameron is in deep conversation with Mitchell Humphrey. Cameron and Mitchell ascend on Kathy as soon as they come in.
"Where have you been and who were you with!" Cameron demanded angrily.
"I was at the park with Rose and the children," Kathy explained. "Stop yelling. You're going to scare the children."

Mitchell says you were at the park with some street trash named Jake!" Cameron doesn't calm down. "Who is Jack and where did you meet him!"
"I told you I was with Rose."
"She wasn't there when I saw you with that Jake fellow," Mitchell crossed his arms.
"That's because I had taken the children down to the lake to feed the ducks," Rose replied. "Kathy wanted some time to herself."
"Rose...did you see this Jake fellow they're talking about?" James asked, getting between the girls and Cameron.
"This is absurd," Rose sighed. "I don't see what the big deal is."
"We're just trying to get behind who Kathy was with," Cameron glared at Kathy.
"There was a Jake, but he was a..." Rose looks at Jack, who looks twice as confused as James. "An artist. He wanted to draw a sketch of Kathy, the children, and me. But I told him no thank you. He gave us his name and said if we ever wanted a portrait drawn to let him know. That's all."
"She's lying Cameron! He had his arm around her and confirmed that they were together!" Mitchell angrily exclaimed.
"Are you calling me a liar Mr. Humphrey?" Rose asked angrily.
"Rose, it's time for Lindsey's nap and the twins to be fed," Jack immediately comes to Rose's side and takes Lindsey. "Let's go on up."
"Will you be okay?" Rose turns to Kathy, reluctant to leave her alone.
"I'll be fine," Kathy said. "In fact, I'll join you and Jack. I like the read the twins to sleep after they've been fed."
"This isn't over with Katherine," Cameron growled as his cousin followed Jack and Rose upstairs. "This isn't over by a long shot."
"So do you mind telling me who this Jake fella is?" Jack asked once they got upstairs.
"He's just a guy I used to get rid of Mitchell that's all," Kathy shakes her head. "I didn't know he'd come back here and make a big ruckus over it. I just asked Jake to act like we were at the park together so Mitchell would leave me alone and he did. I think it was a very nice thing to do for a woman he didn't know."
Jack just shakes his head in amusement. "Gee Kathy. Ya sure know how to stir things up don't ya?"
Kathy just laughed. "I sure do. But Jack...I wouldn't mind seeing him again. I think you'd like him. He reminds me of you a lot."
"Well, I'd like to meet him someday since ya fancy him so much."
"I'd like that too Jack," Kathy nods. "I'd like that too."