Chapter Twenty

Six months later…

It’s opening night for Jack’s gallery. With the love and support of Rose, he had turned the old run down building his grandfather had left him into a gorgeous building to showcase not only his art but also the art of up and coming artists around the world, but because of the short time of having been opened, the gallery only contains his art and some of the art from the artists in New York City. Most of them drifters like he once was before Rose.

At the moment, both him and Rose are up in their room getting ready for the grand opening. It was expected to be a big event and have a huge turn out. Rose is positive that her husband was going to be a great success and her and the children were going to be there to witness it.

"Jack have I told you how proud I am of you?" Rose asked, straightening his tie as he glances at his reflection in the mirror.

"A thousand and one times already love," Jack smiled.

"Well I’ll say it again. I’m so proud of you. You’ve come a long way from when we first met," Rose grinned. "Not that it makes any difference. I’d be even happier with you even if we were still dirt poor living in Chippewa Falls."

"Rose…I have to say that none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for your love and support. If it wasn’t for your constant praise and love…I’d never get up the courage to do this," Jack takes his wife in his arms and cradles her head on his shoulder. "I’m dedicating this night to you Rose. The woman behind everything. My one great love."

Tears comes to Rose’s eyes at this. After all they’ve been through together, they were still in love than ever. Rose couldn’t imagine her life without Jack nor the children. They were her whole world.

"Mommy! Mommy!" Molly comes dashing into the room, her siblings coming after her. All four children are dressed to the nines, ready for daddy’s big night. "Tommy keeps pulling my hair!"

"Tommy what did I tell you about that?" Rose gives her eldest son a stern look.

"Don’t pull Molly’s hair because it’s not nice," Tommy pouts, staring at the ground, fighting tears.

" Aw it’s okay Tommy," Jack scoops his son up in his arms. "Just don’t do it again. Okay? Now apologize to your sister"

Tommy glances at his sister and sniffs. "Sorry."

"Now go on downstairs, all of you. Mommy and I will be down in a second," Jack sets his son back on the floor and smiles as he watches his children dash downstairs. He turns and sees tears in Rose’s eyes. "Rose? Darling what’s wrong?"

"They’ve grown so much," Rose sniffs. "It seems like yesterday when both Molly and Tommy were just gurggling babies."

Jack laughs. "I know. But I’m glad they’re growing up. Getting to see what kind of human beings they’ll become…that’s a real blessing."

"It is," Rose sighed, leaning into Jack’s warm embrace. "I love them so much Jack. They’re everything to me."

"They’re everything to me too Rose. Our children…they’re the greatest thing we’ve ever done. You know that?"

Rose nods, sighing she pulls out of Jack’s embrace. "We better get going . We don’t want to keep our guests waiting."

"No we don’t," Jack shruggs and offers Rose his arm. "My lady?"

"Of course," Rose grins accepting his arm, being reminded of Titanic when he had escorted to the dining saloon.

So arm in arm, secure in their deep love for each other, Jack and Rose head out towards their wonderful future together.

The End.