Chapter Two

Santa Monica California
Five days later...
Rose is upstairs packing the rest of her and Jack's belongings when Eliza appears in the doorway.
"So it's true. You really are leaving," Eliza sniffed. "When Jack stopped by to announce he was moving his family to Boston...I couldn't believe it. If we didn't love it here so much, we'd take up and follow you."
Rose laughed and gets up and hugs her friend. "You won't believe how much I'm going to miss you and so will the twins."
"Now don't forget to write everyday and keep us informed about everything that goes on with your life and don't be afraid to pick up the phone neither. Talk with me whenever you need to," Eliza pulls away from the hug. "Good luck Rose."
"You too. And take care of that baby when it arrives. And don't worry. Motherhood is an instinct that kicks in when the baby arrives. Trust me."
"I do," Eliza smiled. "I'm going to miss you Rose. I really am. Thank you for everything. If it wasn't for you I'd be married to Lee instead of Maxwell right now."
"Speaking of Lee Conway...did they ever arrest him?" Rose asked.
"Well the Chippewa Falls authorities weren't going to do anything, but this steel tychoon from Philadelphia came to town and demanded that justice be served and had him departed here to Santa Monica where he got a sentence of twenty years with no parole. Can you believe it? No one knows who this fella was and what business it was of his."
"Eliza...what was this tychoon's name? Did anybody get it?"
"Oh yes. Caledon Hockley...oh my...he's your ex-fiancee wasn't he?"
"Yes and I think a guilty conscious of what he tried to do to me and Jack had gotten to him. But I'm not going to forgive him...I can't. It wasn't only what he did on was what he did to me before Titanic as well. He was awful."
"I'm sure he was." Eliza nods.
Rose jumps as the honk of a car horn sounds outside. "Well I guess that's Jack. It's time to be going."
"Oh Rose," Eliza begins to cry. "I'm going to miss you terribly. I was looking forward to raising our children together and everything."
"Oh eliza don't cry. Jack and I will come back every now and then to visit and we'll bring the children. And you three will come visit us in Boston. You'll love it Eliza. You really would," Rose hugs her sobbing friend. "Take care of yourself."
"I will. Good-bye Rose," Eliza sniffed, walking her friend outside and waves as they drive down the dirt path. She'll never forget how Jack and Rose had changed her life and will always be grateful to them for that. Once the car has disappeared into the horizon, Eliza sighed sadly and headed for home where her husband was waiting.