Chapter Sixteen

Six months later...
Rose screams as another pain shoots through her. Jack holds her hand tightly, stroking her face, whispering encouraging words. With one last scream and a push baby Daniel Dawson was brought into the world. He had red curls and bright blue eyes. He was his parent's pride and joy.
"Oh Rose. He's beautiful," Jack smiled, lovingly stroking the baby's head.
"He looks like his daddy," Rose smiled. "Oh Jack, we do make beautiful babies together don't we?"
"We sure do," Jack kisses the top of her head.

Four months later...
Rose cradles her cooing baby, trying to keep him calm as the judge enters the courtroom. Jack helps her to her feet and looks over at Lindsey who's seated with that horrid woman that had brought her to them ten months ago
The poor child looked miserable. Jack caught her attention and smiled reassuringly at her. Lindsey smiled back..
"I have come to my decision," The judge clears her throat. "After reviewing both cases and after looking over my trial periods I had sat up...I have come to the decision that Lindsey is better off with the Dawsons. They have a nice home, a ready made family, and Lindsey is at her most happiest with them. Court adjourned." The judge slams down her gavel on the desk and leaves the room.
"Mommy! Daddy!" Lindsey breaks away from Linningston's party and runs over to her parents who readily embrace her.
"You're home Lindsey," Rose cried. "You're finally home for good.