Chapter Fourteen

Jack returns home to a quiet house. After putting the twins to bed and thanking James for his help in rescuing the twins to bed and thanking James for his help in rescuing for twins. Jack went to check on Rose. She was still peacefully sleeping, a slight smile on her face.
"Jack," She softly whispered as she turned facing his side of the bed.
"Rose," He sets beside her and begins blowing in her ear. "Wake up Rose. It's time to get up."
"Jack," She turns back to him, her eyes still closed.
"Come on sleepy head, get up. I have a big night planned for us," Jack lifts her into his arms, forcing her to wake up.
"What?" Rose groggily asks.
"Get up and get dressed. I'm taking you out for dinner," Jack grins. "I'll give you ten minutes."
He goes downstairs to wait for her.
"Jack?" Kathy appears behind him.
"...Are you angry at me? I never meant for the twins to be in danger...I'm sorry," Kathy wrings her hands nervously.
"'s okay. I'm not angry with you. I was just so mad at that Humphrey took all my will power not to kill him for even putting his hands on them. But listen, I don't want Rose to know about this. This is the last thing she needs right now."
Kathy nods in agreement. "She won't hear it from me."
"Hear what from you?" Rose asked, appearing behind Kathy.
"Your surprise. I have a surprise for you and Kat here promised not to tell," Jack quickly speaks up. "So are you ready?"
"I guess," Rose tiredly shruggs. This pregnancy was really taking a lot out of her. She was tired all the time and didn't have much energy to do anything. Plus there was the constant mood swings. They were really getting to her.
"Mr. Dawson, there's a car outside waiting for you and Mrs. Dawson. What shall I tell him?"
"We'll be there in a minute," Jack grins. "Ready birthday girl?"
"Oh Jack you remembered!" Rose throws her arms around him. She had thought her birthday had slipped his mind since he's been so busy lately. He hardly had time for her and the twins anymore.
"What? You thought I forgot your birthday? No way would I forget Rose!" Jack laughs and pulls her towards the door. "Come on. Our chariot awaits."
"I'll watch the twins!" Kathy calls as they disappear into the Renault.
Jack opens the door for Rose once the car has stopped in front of one of the fanciest restaurants in Boston. He watched her face light up as she got out.
"We're going here?" She turns to her husband, who just grins down at her.
"Only the best for my wife," Jack grinned. "Now that I can afford to give you the best."
"You're too good to me Jack."
Jack just smiled, and takes her hand to lead her inside the restaurant. Once seated, Jack presents her with a tiny black box.
"Oh Jack, you shouldn't have," Rose gasped in surprise.
"I want to. Rose, ever since I met you, I've wanted to do nothing but shower you with the most beautiful jewels in the world, and for the first time in my life, I'm able to do just that," Jack opens the box to reveal a ring of every type of jewel there was. "Oh Jack! It's beautiful," Rose gasped in surprise as he places the ring on her finger. "I don't know what to say."
"Don't say anything. Just kiss me," Jack leans closer to her until their lips meet in a sweet kiss. "I love you Rose."
"I love you too Jack."
Jack smiled at her, his blue eyes sparkling. He wanted to tell her about Lindsey right there and then, but he was going to wait until they were somewhere a little more private.
"So Jack...what else do you have planned tonight?" Rose asked.
"How do you feel about a horse buggy ride around Boston? Just you, me and the driver up front?" Jack takes her hand.
Rose's eyes light up with delight. "I love it!"

One hour later they are in the buggy, trekking along the almost deserted streets of Boston. Jack tightly holds Rose's hand in his and they gaze into each other's eyes. Rose couldn't remember the last time they had been alone like this. Between Jack learning how to run the business, taking care of the twins, and trying to get Lindsey back, there really wasn't that much time for romance.
"Happy Rose?" Jack asked, stroking her hair.
"Happier than I've been in a long time," Rose smiled up at her husband.
"How do you feel about another surprise?"
"Another one? Jack, how much have you spent on tonight?"
"Well...this one was free," Jack grinned, Rose just looks at him in confusion. "Our Lawyer called today. The judge has made a decision about Lindsey."
"What?" Rose comes to attention. "What did he say?"
"The judge has decided that Lindsey is to come home to us day after tomorrow. We're getting her back Rose," Jack smiled. "Lindsey's coming home."
Rose's eyes grew big with surprise and complete joy. "Oh Jack!" She throws her arms around him. "Oh Jack I'm so happy! We're getting our little girl back!"
Jack pulls away from the hug and looks into her eyes. He was so glad he could make her smile, but he also had to be truthful with her. He couldn't let her go into this blindfolded. "But there's a drawback Rose. We only get her for the school year. Then she goes back to Linningston for the summer. After that...the judge will make her final decision. She wants to see what benefits Lindsey the most."
"Oh," Rose's face fell, but then lights up again. "But at least we get her for most of the year and is only exposed to that old man for only three months. And I'm sure the judge will see that we're the best people to take care of Lindsey. We have a ready made family for her. What does that old man have that we don't? I mean, it can't be money. We have that now too."
"You're right. The judge is going to go see that we're the best choice.Rose. I'm glad I can make you so happy. I mean, you've been so melancholy lately," Jack kissed her again.
"I know Jack and I'm sorry. It's just this's taken a lot of my energy, but with Lindsey comeing home, I'm as good as new."
"And I promise Rose, I"m going to make more time for you and the children. I'm going to try to make it like it used to be before all the money."
"Oh Jack," Rose hugs him again, enjoying his closeness. That too was the happiest news she heard that night. It's been so long since her and Jack spent time together, just them and their children. Things were coming back together just in time for the new baby's arrival.