Chapters Thirteen

Kathy rolls the stroller up at the door and looks at the address written on the piece of paper that Jack had given her two months ago. It had taken her that long to get up the courage to go see Jake. What must he think of her? Not responding to his request for her to come visit him for months now? He must think she didn't want to see him again...not after what happened with Cameron. She looks down at the twins, then back at the door. Taking a deep breath, she knocks.
After waiting five minutes, she's about to turn around and head for home when the door opens and there stands Jake, his blue eyes sparkling and his brown hair nicely combed back. He had a pencil stuck behind his ear.
"Kathy! You're here! Finally! I was wondering if you had gotten the address I left," Jake instantly hugs her. "I mean, it's been two months now."
"I know. Jack gave it to me the minute he walked in, but it took up to now to get the courage to come visit you," Kathy swallows. "I have the twins for the day and thought it'd be perfect to take them visiting."
"Why hello there," Jake bends down to the twins. "Boy you two look more and more like your parents every day."
The twins just gurgle and laugh in response.
"They are truly adorable. And how's Rose and Jack? Looking forward to that new baby I bet."
Kathy readily nods. "Oh yes. They also are gettig ready to get Lindsey back. They get her for the school year and her grandfather gets her for the summer, then the judge comes to a final decision," Kathy nods. "They're very happy indeed."
"Well that's great. Jack and Rose are a great couple. They deserve all the happiness in the world. I'm happy for them," Jake nods. "That's truly great."
The tension returns. Kathy stares at the ground and Jake stares at her. He knew he should invite her in, but he didn't know how much he trusted himself. He was so full of desire for her...he missed her so much...if she came in he may not be able to allow her to leave.
"I was about to take the twins to the park. Do you want to come?" Kathy asked almost shyly.
"Sure," Jake nods. "Just let me get my shoes on."
Kathy nods as Jake runs in to get his shoes and coat. Five minutes later they are in the park sitting side by side, watching the twins play in the grass.
"You like Children Kathy?" Jake suddenly asks, noticing how she was watching the twins.
"I love them. Why?"
"Just wondering. I'm planning to have a whole brood of them myself," Jake laughs.
"That's funny, so am I," Kathy smiled.
Jake takes her hand and in a serious voice replies. "Maybe we can have them together."

Jake...I..." Kathy begins to answer this when she's interrupted.
"Why Katherine, what a coincidence to be running into you here," Mitchell Humphrey steps in front of her, blocking her view of the twins.
"Mr. Humphrey...what are you doing here?" Kathy asked, trying to get the twins back in full view."
"I'm taking a daily walk. It's a pleasure to be seeing you again. Cameron has been telling me to come over to visit anytime, but I can never find time. It's truely fate that I meet you here in the park you seem to love so much."
"It is interesting. But I highly doubt it's fate," Kathy looks directly at him. "Now if you excuse me, my escort and myself are about to leave."
"Oh Katherine, don't leave so soon. Give us a chance to get to know each other better," Mitchell Humphrey touches her arm.
"She doesn't want to get to know you better," Jake's had enough. This jerk wasn't getting the message.
"Oh it's you again. I didn't see you setting there," Mitchell looks at him with clear distaste in his eyes. "Why don't you get lost and leave us alone. Everyone knows she'll be marrying me in the end. Not a street rat like you," Mitchell then pushes Jake aside and tightens his grip on Katherine's arm. "Now come on Katherine. Your cousin's garden is a perfect place for us to be alone."
"Let me go!" Kathy struggles to no avail, Mitchelll's hold was too strong."
"Why? So you can run off with this street rat? I don't think so."
"Let her go!" Jake immediately throws a punch into Maxwell's face, forcing him to let go of Kathy. Grabbing her hand, Jake begins to run. They're one step out of the gate when Kathy realizes she's missing something. The twins!
"Oh my God! I left Tommy and Molly there! We have to go back!"
"Come one," Jake takes her hand and leads her back into the park. They find Mitchell holding both of the children at the neck of their clothes. Both children are crying for their daddy, wanting to be put down.
"Mitchell let them go!" Kathy cries, reaching out for the screaming children.
"Not a chance Katherine. Either come with me or they'll find these two floating face down in the lake over there!" Mitchell growled angrily.
"You wouldn't! They're just wouldn't children!" Kathy cried.
"To get what I want I will. Now either come with me or else these two live shor lives thanks to you."
Before Jake could answer, a very angry voice speaks up from behind Mitchell. "Let my children go or you'll be the one ending up in that lake."
Mitchell turns around to find Jack and James standing behind him, both didn't look very happy. Tommy seeing his father, reaches out for Jack. Jack takes Tommy without any problem at all while James takes Molly.
"How interesting. The great Mitchell Humphrey threatening poor defenseless children to get what he wants and yet he thinks he's going to marry my cousin," James growls.
"I can explain that," Mitchell tries to explain.
Jack doesn't give him a chance to explain. "You have two minutes to get out of here and I don't ever want to see nor hear you try to get in touch with my cousin again. Is this anyway unclear?" Jack asked, stepping up face to face with Mitchell.
The man just nods and turns and runs out of the park.
"Oh Jack thank goodness..." Kathy begins, but is cut off by Jack.
"I don't want to talk about it right now Kathy. Right now I just want to get my children home where they're nice and safe," Jack turns to his cousin. "Don't worry, I'm not going to tell Rose about this."
"Daddy," Tommy cried, clinging to Jack's coat.
"I better get them home," Jack tightens his hold on his son. "I'll see you two later."
Kathy watches them leave and turns to Jake. "He probably won't trust me with them ever again."
"Oh don't think that way. He's just in shock after seeing them in that situation. He's more angry at the Humphrey fella than you," Jake tries to cheer her up.
Kathy just sighs and watches her departing cousin, wondering how this incident had changed their relationship. Sighing she follows Jake out of the park, trying to put the incident out of her mind.