Chapter Twelve

Two Months later...
It's Rose's birthday when the call from the lawyer came in. Jack had just adjusted his tie to go to the office when the phone ranged. Sighing impatiently he picks it up.
"Hello?" Jack asked.
"Jack...this is Mr. Emery. The verdict has just come down from the judge. She's reviewed both of your cases and has decided the best thing to do for now is to share custody. You get Lindsey during the school year and in the summer her grandfather will have her. She wants to see how this arrangement would work. It may be a permanent thing if Lindsey seems to be benefitting from it, but if she doesn't she'll have to make up her mind about who gets full custody of the child."
"You mean...we're getting her back?"
"Yes sir. You'll get her back for the beginning of the school year and in the summer she goes back to her grandfather. The judge will make a final decision this time next year," The lawyer explained. "Mr. Linningston has been ordered to have the child at your doorstep day after tomorrow."
"Yes! Rose is going to be so happy. This is the perfect birthday present!"
"I'm glad I could give you the news you and your wife have been waiting to hear. Congratulations."
"Thank you Mr. Emery. We really mean that from the bottom of our hearts," Jack has tears of happiness in his voice.
"You're very much welcome Mr. Dawson. If there's anything else I can do for you and your family just let me know. I'll be glad to help."
"Thank you Mr. Emery."
"I'll be in touch," the lawyer says before hanging up.
Kathy comes down the stairs, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. "Who was that?"
"Our lawyer. We get Lindsey back!" Jack runs up and hugs his cousin. "It's only for the summer. The the judge makes a final decision but we still get her back for the school year! Rose is going to be so happy!"
"Oh Jack this is so wonderful and it comes right in time for her birthday!"

I know. That's why she's not going to know anything about this until tonight, when I take her out for her birthday dinner," Jack looks directly at his cousin.
"Oh Jack please tell her now. I mean, she's been so depressed ever since that dream and she seems to have lost all hope of getting Lindsey back. This would really cheer her up," Kathy pleads.
"No Kathy. Not until tonight when I can really surprise her. Really make her happy," Jack sighed. "Rose always loved surprises and this is the best one yet. So promise me now Kat. Not a word to Rose."
"...Ok. Fine. You win. I won't tell Rose about Lindsey," Kahty sighed, her shoulders slumped in defeat.
"Thank you Kat. I must be off now, but will you do me just one more favor," Jack asked. "Will you take care of her while I'm gone? Please. I really have been worried about her and in her condition...I just want to make sure that she's well taken care of."
"Ok Jack. I'll look after Rose until you return. And I promise to keep Lindsey a secret," Kathy nods. "Now get going before you're late and you know how Cameron is about puntuality."
"Of course," Jack grins. "See you later Kat."
Kathy waves as her cousin bounds out the door.
"Was that Jack just now?" Rose asked, appearing behind Kathy with Molly and Tommy in her arms.
"Yes it was. He told me to look after you and I guess that means helping with the children," Kathy takes Tommy away from Rose. "Really Rose, in your condition you shouldn't even be carrying one of them."
"I'm fine. Tommy and Molly may be growing like weeds but they're as light as a feather," Rose follows Kathy into the kitchen. Placing Molly in her high chair, Rose begins to cry.
"Rose what's wrong?" Kathy asked startled.
"Oh it's nothing. It's just that Tommy and Molly are growing up so fast. they can't even be called babies anymore," Rose bursts into renewed tears.
"Oh of course they're still babies," Kathy laughed. "They've barely turned a year old and here you are pregnant again. That'll make three children."
"I'm sorry Kat. I'm such a mess this morning...every morning for the past five months actually. I don't know what's gotten into me," Rose sniffed.
"Hormones," Was Kathy's simple reply. "Don't worry Rose. Things will be look up soon. Trust me."
"Did Jack hear anything from Mr. Emery? I know the judge was supposed to come to a decision about Lindsey in the next couple of days," Rose suddenly looks into Kathy's eyes.
Kathy swallowed hard. She was so tempted to tell Rose the truth, but she couldn't betray Jack's trust. She had to keep the secret. "Jack didn't say. He just said hi and bye this morning. He was running late to the office."
"Oh." Rose bows her head again, disappointment fills her voice. "Did you know today's my twentieth birthday? That would have been the perfect surprise."
"Oh Rose," Kathy goes over to her cousin and pulls her into a hug. "Don't worry. You'll get Lindsey back. I know you will."
"I hope you're right," Rose wipes away her tears.
"You know I am. Listen, why don't I take the children for the day and you go upstairs and rest. You do look exhausted and me taking care of the twins will help you and the little one you're carrying get some much needed rest. Consider it my birthday gift to you."
Rose looked at Kathy, then back at her two children who were busy playing drums with their spoons. Happy and content to be children. They were so much like their father, so carefree. She didn't want to spend a minute away from them, but Kathy was right. She was exhausted and taking a nice long nap would do the baby she's carrying now a whole lot of good.
"Ok. I'll do it," Rose nods. "But are you sure this is ok? I mean, the twins are a handful when it's only one person. It's not like last year when they were just babies."
"I can handle this Rose. Now go up to bed and get some sleep. I'll feed the twins, then we'll head out to the park and enjoy the weather."
"Ok then. I'll see you when you return," Rose gets up and hugs her cousin in law, grateful from the day off from taking care of the twins, yet missing her children already. "Molly, Tommy you'll be going with your cousin Kat for the day. Mommy will see you later when you return. You two be good for your cousin, okay?" She hugs and kisses each of her twins who just stare up at her innocently with their big blue eyes and nod.
"Now upstairs with ya Rose," Kathy points to the stairs. "I'll send Sylvia up with your breakfast."
"Thanks Kat," Rose waves already heading upstairs where she remains for most of the day.