Chapter Eleven

Three days later, Jack and Rose are again setting in their lawyer's office, listening to their lawyer give reasons why they shouldn't fight for custody of Lindsey. Even though all his arguments were good ones, Rose's mind couldn't be swayed. The dream had really hit home for her and she was going to do anything to keep it from coming true. And of course, Jack agrees with her. He wanted Lindsey back as much as Rose did.
" you understand the impact you're about to make on this child's life? I mean, Linningston will do anything to get what he wants."
"We understand perfectly well Mr. Emery and believe me we have talked and talked about this and all we can come up with is that we love Lindsey and we'd be better parents to her than that old man," Jack sighed, squeezing Rose's hand. "Mr. us. Help us get our little girl back."
The lawyer looks at a picture of himself and his own little boy. He imagined how he would feel if someday some stranger came and tried to take him away. He'd be heartbroken and willing to do anything to get the boy back. "Oh Jack. Rose. I'll take this case. I'll help you get Lindsey back with the best of my ability. In fact, I already have a couple of big time lawyers interested in assisting me with the case. They'll be happy to hear that you've decided to pursue this."
"So what do you think Mr. Emery? Do we have a good chance so far?" Jack asked.
"Really Jack...I don't know. It all depends on the judge you're assigned to. Hopefully you'll get one that cares more about Lindsey than the fact that Albert Linningston is one of the most powerful men in New York City."
"Well thank you again Mr. Emery," Rose hugs the older man. "You don't know how much this means to Jack and me."
"Oh I have a pretty good idea," The lawyer smiles. "Now I must say good-bye at this point. I have another couple to see. I'll be in touch sometime this week to let you know the progress on the case."
"Thank you again Mr. Emery," Jack waves as he escorts Rose out of the office.