Chapter Ten

Rose is immersed in a dense fog. Nervously, she keeps walking. The farther she walks, the clearer it becomes until she finds herself in a beautiful garden. Standing up ahead, on top of a hill was Stacey and her mother. Both stared grimly at her.
"Stacey? Mother? Where am I?" Rose asked confused.
"We're here to show you what'll happen if you let that horried old man raise that child," Ruth holds her head up high, then takes Rose's hand. "Come Rose. You must see this."
"No..." Rose tries to protest, but it's useless. Ruth forces her up on the hill and forces her to stare out into the horizon. Suddenly, like in a moving picture, Rose sees Lindsey. It's night time and she's in bed crying. She's desparately clutching the ring that Jack had given her. It was clear that she missed Jack and Rose.
"What is it now!" A grumpy voice explains. "She keeps calling for a Jack."
"Those damn Dawsons again! I'll fix this!"
"That's when Albert Linningston storms through the door, his face twisted in rage. "Now what is this all about?!"
"I want daddy!" Lindsey cried.
"Your father's dead! Now go to sleep!" the old man declared turning for the door.
"No he's not! I saw him yesterday! He gave me this to keep monsters away," Lindsey looks down at the ring.
Albert Linningston reaches out and snatches the ring away from his granddaughter's hand. "I'll be taking this worthless piece of crap and have it mailed back to Boston. I will not have such foolishness in my house!"
"No it's mine!" Lindsey begins to wail. "It's mine!"
Rose stifles down a sob as she remembered how she had sobbed like that when her mother had grabbed the cufflinks her father had given her before his death.
"These pay for the funeral," Her mother had coldly replied.
"No! It's mine!" Rose had cried.
"Sounds familiar doesn't it Rose?" Ruth looks sadly at her daughter, who now has tears freely streaming from her eyes.
"Why are you showing me this?" Rose sobs.
"Just watch," was the only answer Ruth gave, turning back to the horizon.
This time the scene is changed. It's now twelve years later and Lindsey's now the same age as Rose was when she had boarded the Titanic with her mother and Cal. Lindsey had grown up to be a beauty. She had beautiful light brown hair, pulled up into a french twist and gorgeous hazel eyes that gleamed with unhappiness. She was talking to a young man modestly dressed. They were outside her door.
"Lindsey, you can't do this. I don't care what that old man says," the young man sighed, grabbing her shoulders. "You marry for love...not for money."
"In this case it's money. Matt please...just let it go," Lindsey sobbed. "Vincent will take care of me. That's why grandfather chose him."
"I'll take care of you..."
"But not like Vincent."
"Lindsey please don't..." The man known as Matt pleads, but is cut off by a soft kiss.
"Good-bye Matt. Please don't call here again." With that Lindsey disappears back into the mansion, leaving a shattered Matt on the doorstep.
"Poor Lindsey," Rose's hand flies to her mouth. "Why did she do that?"
"Because there was no one there to help her follow her heart," Stacey sadly shakes her head. "My poor Lindsey will marry that awful Vincient Byron."
"Look Rose," Ruth points again to the horizon.
It's five years later and a pregnant Lindsey is huddled in a corner, terrified of her husband who's ranting and raving about her not wanting to go to a social function. A now ancient Albert Linningston is in a wheelchair in the corner, but his eyes still shine with the same meanness.
"Listen to your husband Lindsey. He's always right," the old man coldly replied. "Get off that floor and get ready to go to that gala. It's too important for you to miss."
No grandfather! No!" Lindsey cried. "Vincient please, I need rest. All this party going isn't good for the baby. Don't you care about that?!"
"The baby? All you ever think about is that damn baby!" Vincient screams. "When are you ever going to think about me!?! Now get up and let's go." The angry man bounds to his wife and forces her to her feet.
"Vincient please," Lindsey sobs once again, moving to the stairs.
"That's enough I said," Vincient sends a hard slap to her face, knocking her back and toppling down the stairs, where she lays in a still heap.
"Lindsey no!!!" Rose screamed, reaching out for the fallen girl, but the scene fades away until there's nothing left but an empty sky. "No! Lindsey!"
"Calm down Rose. Getting hysterical is not going to help anything," Ruth sternly replies. "We showed you this so you can come to a decision. We showed you what could happen to Lindsey if Albert Linningston raised her. But we didn't show you is what could happen if you and Jack fought for her."
"What are you saying?"
"Rose...I left my daughter with you because I knew you and Jack could teach her about life...what it meant to really live and not take anything for granted," Stacey sighed. "What we showed you really want that to happen?"
"Of course not," Rose sniffed back her tears.
"And you don't want her to grow up to be a refined princess, obedient to what her elders say so much so that she misses out on her only chance for true love?" Ruth asked.
"No I don't."
"Well then you know what to do Rose in order to stop this from happening. You know what to do," Stacy said, beginning to drift away from Rose. "You know what to do."
"Wait Stacy don't leave...not yet!" Rose reaches out for her friend.
"Good-bye my beautiful Rose. Take care of my beautiful grandchildren!" Ruth follows Stacy.
"Mother wait! Wait!" Rose cries some more, but her cries go unanswered. She bolts awake in a cold sweat. Molly asleep in her lap and Jack and Tommy right beside her. Her cries awake Jack.
"Rose?" He asked, setting up.
"Jack it's Lindsey...We have to get her back Jack! We have to!" Rose cried.
"Shhh Rose calm down. What happened," Jack asked, stroking her hair.
"It's Lindsey. If we let the man raise her...she'll end up the way I almost did. Oh Jack, we can't let that happen. We have to fight for her!"
"Ok Rose. If that's what you want. I'll call the lawyer first thing in the morning," Jack nods.
"Thank you Jack," Rose wipes away her tears and settles back down into bed, but not really going back to sleep. For the rest of the night her mind was on Lindsey and the hope that they could get her back before it's too late.