Chapter One

The day of Emmanuel Dawson's funeral was full of sunshine and melancholy. No one was happy to see the Dawson monarch go...all accept maybe Cameron. He had never forgiven his grandfather for what he did with the will. Rose and Jack and the three children stand at the forfront of the group, along with all three of Jack's cousins. At the same time trying to comfort Kathy as well. The poor girl couldn't stop her sobs.
"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust," The priest throws dirt on the coffin. Then he steps aside as each Dawson family member and their respective spouses passed the coffin to drop a rose into a grave and bid farewell to a beloved man.
"Sorry I didn't get a chance to know you as well as I liked grandfather,"Jack sighed. "But I'm happy to have spent the time I've spent with you while I could. Rest in peace."
He squeezed Rose's hand as he dropped the rose into the grave and led his small family away from the gravesite. He turns to Rose concerned. "Are you okay? ROse? This doesn't remind you of your mother does it?"
Rose is instantly touched. Jack is the one in pain right now and still all he could think about was her will being. She loved him so much for that part of his personality and was eager to give back. "I'm fine Jack. But how about you? How are you holding up? You've been such a rock for everyone must be feeling pain too."
"I'll be fine Rose. I always am. I just hat it that he wasn't a bigger part of my life growing up like he was in the others. I miss that. He must have been a great grandfather."
"He was," Kathy smiled, coming up behind Jack. "And believe me Jack, these past couple of months has meant so much to him...he felt as if he had finally made up for lost time. It's just that I wonder why did he have to go? And so soon?"
"...Because it was his time Kathy. He was in a lot of pain and it was time for that pain to let him go to where he will never have to feel pain again," Jack rubbed his cousin's shoulder.
"Finally this funeral is over with!" Cameron exclaimed joyously as he approached the small group. "Now it's time for us to go to the reading of the will. Hopefully grandfather had opened his eyes before he died and made the proper revisions."
"Is that all you can think about Cameron? Money?" Kathy openly glares at her cousin. "Doesn't it bother you al all that grandfather is dead?"
"Of course it does Kathy. But I just want to know where I stand. I hate hanging in limbo like this."
James suddenly approaches and his voice is firm. "Grandfather had already told us how he wanted his estate divided and we're going to honor that."
"We'll see about that James. We'll just see about that." Cameron openly glared at all his cousins. "I will have my way! I always do!" With that said, Cameron left.
"Well that was pleasant," Jack sighed. "Is he always like that?"
"Always," Jack nods. "Just ignore him Jack. His bark is worse than his bite...believe me."
"Can we go home now?" Linsey tugs at Rose's hand. "I'm tired."
"Sure we can go home now," Jack grins, scooping the little girl up in his arms. "We'll go home and you can sleep all you want."
Lindsey grinned happily and lays her head on Jack's shoulder. During the past couple of days lindsey has bonded with Jack. He was her favorite person to be around now...she even liked Jack's company better than Rose's, but just a little bit.
"Looks like Jack bonded with her pretty well," Kathy silently smiled to Rose. "He sure does have a way with children."
"I know. He's wonderful with her. For how long I've had her, I've never seen her take to anybody like she took to Jack," Rose nods in agreement as she watches Jack carry Lindsey to the waiting car. "Kathy...tell me the truth. How was Jack when he found out about your grandfather?"
"...He was pretty broken up about it Rose. First he loses you and then grandfather died. I wished I were stronger for him, but..." Kathy sighed.
"I should have been there for him Kathy. I guess it was another case of me being selfish...just thinking of my own needs..."
"Now Rose Dawson that's not true! You're not selfish at all. You just wanted to get your mind straight so you could be a better mother and wife to Jack and the twins. There's nothing selfish about that. In fact it was the most unselfish thing you've done since I've known you," Kathy turns to face Rose. "I know how you love Jack. I see how you look at him...he's your entire life. It must have killed you to leave like that. But you did the right thing. It was killing him seeing you waste away like that."
"But Kathy...he needed me to be there for him and I wasn't."
"But you came back as soon as you found out and that's what counts in not only my book, but all of ours," Kathy sighed.
"I just hope that it wasn't all for nothing," Rose looks at the ground.
"It wasn't Rose. You've been the model wife since you returned to Jack. And he appreciates you doing this...he really does."
"Hey!" Jack calls over to them. "Are you girls coming or what?"
"We're coming!" Kathy shouts back and grabs Rose's hand. "Come on Rose. Let's go."
Looking one more time at the graveyard, they head on back to the Dawson mansion.

Jack, Rose, Kathy, Cameron, and James are all gathered in the study in the mansion, waiting for their grandfather's lawyer to go over the will. As far as everyone knew nothing had been changed, but you could never tell.

"I'm glad you're all here. I'm sure Emmanuel went over everything with you at the gala last July, but this meeting is to make everything official. The Dawson business is to be split up between the three Dawson boys, Cameron Jack and James. The mansion in boston is to go to Cameron. The house in Connecticut goes to James. The beach house, the chateau in Paris and the gallery in New York go to Jack. The mansion in Santa Monica goes to Katherine along with a monthly allowance of ten thousand dollars and her grandmother's jewelry. The care of finding Katherine a suitable husband goes to all three of the boys," the lawyer read from the will.
"What? Didn't he think I could make my own decisions on who I want to marry?" Katherine stands from her seat.
"Obviously not," Cameron grinned. "Don't worry Kat. I've got the perfect man picked out for you."
"Don't tell me you're thinking about that awful Mitchell Humphrey? The man is so in love with himself that he doesn't even know I'm in the room!"
"Nonsense. In fact, he asked my permission if it'd be okay to call on you today. I told him it'd be a grand idea. Expect him to be here in about another hour," Cameron glances at his watch.
"How dare you do this to me! How dare you and grandfather!" Katherine growls. Then she turns to Jack and James. "You two aren't going along with this are you? Jack, come on. Rose was in the same situation once? Certainly you can't be for this!"
"Katherine, all grandfather wanted was to do right by you and this was the only why he knew how," James sighed. "Don't worry. We're not going to let Cameron push you into anything you don't want. All we want is for you to introduce us to any suitor you may have and let us give you sound advice. That's all. That's fair isn't it?"
"That's more than mother ever gave me after my father died," Rose walks over to comfort Katherine. "Besides, Jack's a great judge of character. He won't force you into anything."
"Ok. I guess you're right," Kathy sniffed.
"Well, that's all settled. You won't mind signing the necessary papers?" The lawyer pushes a stack of papers over towards the group. "Then we can all join the guests in the foyer now that this unpleasantness is over."

Two hours later Rose is standing in the corner by herself with a growling stomach. It was ridiculous really. Food was everywhere but Rose hasn't eaten a bite since a short breakfast that morning. She really hasn't had time. Suddenly a delicious slice of cherry cheesecake appears in front of her. "You must be hungry. Eat something," a voice speaks in her ear. She turns to come face to face with Cameron.
"What do you want?" She asked suspiciously. She never did grow to like the oldest Dawson cousin. He was rude and arrogant and he had never apologized about what he had said about Jack.
"Jack asked me to bring this to you. He said that you hadn't had anything to eat this morning. He's worried about you," Cameron smiled.
"Why would Jack ask you to do that?"
"I don't know. Maybe because I was the nearest person he knew here. Come on Rose. Take a bit. It's delicious. Mrs. Lee always make the best desserts...especially cheesecakes," Cameron urged, he takes the fork, breaks off a piece of the cake and holds it up to Rose. Here, take a bite."
"No thank you," Rose turns her back on Cameron.
Cameron sighed. He was finding it hard to break through to Rose's icy exterior. Maybe if he aimed for her heart...maybe she'll melt a little. "Okay then. Fine. I'll just tell Jack that you refused to eat anything and have him worry some more about your well being."
"On top of grandfather's death, I heard Jack tell Kathy that he was still worried about how you were holding up after your mother's death. Refusing to eat will only make him worry more," Cameron smiled as he watched Rose's coldness melt away as he talked of Jack. The woman sure was in love with his cousin.
Rose's mind is in turmoil. Jack was still worried about her and on top of everything else...she couldn't allow him to worry anymore. Sighing in defeat, Rose accepts the cheesecake. "Tell my husband that I took the cake," Rose said.
"I'll do that," Cameron smiled, even more charming than the first. "May I walk you around the grounds? Get some fresh air?"
"No thank you Mr. Dawson. In fact, I think I see Kathy. I'm going to go join her."
"Very well then Rose. I'll talk to you again," Cameron waved as Rose took off for Kathy. He knew Rose would never be his, but he could make sure that he could remain as close to her as possible . He spots Jack over by the ice sculpture, a glass of wine in his hand, staring off into space. The street urchin was probably thinking about grandfather. Maybe Cameron could turn that to his advantage. "Hello Jack!" He greets approaching his cousin. He shivers when Jack turns his eyes on him. Those startling blue eyes . Sure the blue eyes were the Dawson trade mark, but no other Dawson eyes had that penetrating stare that can read right through people.
"What do you want Cameron?" Jack asked, his voice full of suspicion. Good. Jack was learning quickly. Stop being so trusting.
"I was wondering if you planned to go back to Santa Monica. It sure is a long way and since Kathy's decided to remain here in the and Rose will be all alone," Cameron replies.
"We have friends down there."
"But not family and that's what counts Jack. Especially since grandfather died. It's important that we stick together. That's why I'm going to ask you this."
"Ask me what?"
"Stay on here in Boston. Stay in this mansion for however long you want. I know it's not as warm as Santa Monica, but your family's here and we do want to get to know more about you and Rose and be a part of the twin's lives. Plus you'll get to learn more about us and give Rose what she rightfully live in a castle. And this Mansion does come pretty close."
Jack laughs. "You're telling me that you want me to move my family all the way from Santa Monica to come live here with you? The man who threw a fit when he found out he had another cousin?"
"Jack...I apologized for that outburst. I thought you had forgotten it too. Please Jack. Please come live here with us. Kathy'll be here too...we'll all be one big family."
Jack laughs again. "One big family. Yeah right. But since my family does seem to be growing...and Rose does deserve a castle...okay. We'll stay. But only until I get a place of our own."
"Great!" Cameron nods. "Kathy's going to be thrilled when she finds out you'll be staying here too. She's going to be ecstatic."
"I'm sure she will be," Jack nods, watching Cameron disappear into the crowd to find Kathy to tell her the news. He looks up at the gorgeous chandelier and prays that he hasn't made the wrong decision in giving into Cameron's pleas to stay in the mansion in Boston. He didn't want this to turn into the life that Rose had hated so much that she felt she had to jump off a back of a ship to escape.

That night, Rose slips into her flannel nightgown and slips under the covers with Jack, who's just watching her.
"What are you looking at?" Rose smiled.
"A angel," Jack smiled. Then his face turns serious. "Rose...we need to"
"What is it Jack?" Rose asked setting up.

Rose nods. "Yes I like here. But why are you looking so serious?"
"Well...Cameron invited us to stay here and I told him we would. But I know I shouldn't have said that without talking to you first. I want to know if you want to stay here in Boston or go back to Santa Monica."
"I want to go wherever you go Jack. Do you want to stay here in Boston?"
Jack takes her hand and intertwines his with hers. It's two minutes before he speaks again. "To be honest Rose...I do. I mean I need to do so. Plus I want to get to know James better and I feel closer to grandfather here as well. But if you don't want to stay Rose, just say so and we're on our way back to California."
"Jack...if staying in Boston is what you want, then I want it too. We've done all were going to do in California anyway. We drank cheap beer, rode the roller coaster, and rode a horse like a man. That was the main purpose of going there. But now we're needed here and that's fine. We'll just return to Santa Monica long enough to pack the rest of our things and say good-bye to Eliza and Maxwell and then return here," Rose squeezes his hand. "Does that sound good?"
"It sounds great," Jack pulls her into a hug. "Thank-you rose. Thank you so much. You don't know how much this means to me."
'Oh I have a pretty good idea," Rose smiled, enjoying his arms around her. She could remain like this forever. "Kathy's going to be so happy we're staying."
"I know. And I'm glad she'll be here too. She can introduce you to some of her friends," Jack smiled.
"Mommy! Mommy!" A cry erupts from the children's room. Jack is first through the door to see Lindsey standing up in bed screaming. Molly and Tommy are standing in their baby beds, gripping the railing to keep their balance.
"Lindsey what's wrong?" Jack immediately picks her up in a hug. The little girl clung to him, her sobs shaking her little body.
"Monster! In closet!" The girl cried.
"Monsters in the closet?" Jack asked, looking at Rose with an expression of relief. "Do you mind if I check the closet?"
Lindsey nods her head quickly.
'I'll just have Rose open the door. If there's a monster she'll quickly close it. We won't let anything hurt you Lindsey," Jack looks towards Rose and nods.
Rose walks over to the closet and opens the door just to reveal Lindsey's dresses hanging up, but no sign of a monster.
"See. No monster," Jack turns in an angle that the little girl could see into the closet.
"He must be under the bed," The little girl cried.
Jack bends down to look under the bed and saw nothing. "No monster there either. He must have run away when we came in."
"What if he comes back?" Lindsey sniffs.
Jack doesn't know how to answer this until he remembered what his mother gave him when he was Lindsey's age and had the same fear of monsters. He sets Lindsey back on her bed and sat down next to her.
"Lindsey...there's something I want to give you...something my mother gave me a long time ago when I was your age and monsters started appearing in my room." He takes out a chain with a gorgeous emerald ring hanging in the center. "This is a monster amulet. My mother gave me this to scare away all the monsters. And now I'm giving it to you since I don't need it anymore. Whenever you see a monster, just squeeze this ring and wish real hard and the monster will go away."
"More magic?" Linsey asked.
Jack nods with a smile. "More magic. Here, take it," He places it over her head.
"Thank you Jack," Lindsey hugs him happily.
Rose smiles att he scene. He truly was a great father and Lindsey loved him dearly.
"Hey Lindsey. Will you do me and Rose a favor? Use this ring to protect the babies too?"
Lindsey smiles and nods.
"Good. Well it's time to go to bed," Jack tucks her back under the covers. "Good night."
"Good night," Lindsey sets back up and hugs him again. Rose stands at the door smiling at the scene. Jack was truly amazing.
"That was a good thing you did in there," Rose smiled happily as they entered the room. "You made her feel safe."
"Well she deserves to feel safe after all she's been through," Jack puts an arm around his wife's shoulder. "And so do you Rose."
"Well I do," Rose smiled. "As long as I have my husband here with me to take me to the stars."
"Are you giving me a hint?" Jack smiled, taking her in his arms.
Rose kissed him passionately and breaks away to gaze into his beautiful blue eyes. "Of course."
"Well then I'll be happy to oblige," Jack scoops her up in his arms and carries her over to the bed they share.