Rose squinted her eyes against the sun as she woke up. She glanced to her side to find Jack gone. Panic swept through her as she got to her feet wondering if he had left her alone.

"Jack?! Jack?!" She called.

"In here Rose!" Jack stuck his head out of the store doorway. "I’m trying to round us up some breakfast."

"oh," Rose nodded, at the same time wondering what Jack could possibly find in the general store that would do for breakfast? "Maybe we should wait until we get to town. We can get something more filling then."

"Are you sure you can wait? There’s no telling when another carriage will come by."

"I’m positive. Now come on out here and talk to me. I’m lonely," Rose pouted.

"Ok ok," Jack laughed. Just don’t pout."

At that moment a carriage pulled up and out stepped a elderly man with white hair and gray eyes.

"Hey Gus! There’s a couple that’s been waiting all night for you!" The store manager hollered referring to Jack and Rose.

"Where..oh I see them. You folks need me?" The man approached. Jack instantly recognized Gus as the man that used to give him candy when he was a boy.

"Yes. We need a ride into Chippewa Falls. We’ve had a long train ride, plus we’ve been here all night," Jack went to greet the man.

"On dollar there and one dollar back," Gus snorted. "A person."

"Here you go. Two dollars," Jack handed the money over.

"You be returning to the trainstation anytime soon?"

"No sir," Rose shook her head.

"Ok. Hop on. I’ll be with you in a second," Gus nodded towards the carriage as he headed for the general store.

"How about that. Old Gus is still alive," Jack shook his head in amazement.

"What?" Rose asked confused.

"That old man. He used to give me candy whenever he came back to town and I was upset about something or other."

"Oh," Rose nodded.

"Ok. Off we go," Gus returned and hopped up into his seat. Two minutes later the trainstation disappeared from view as they head towards Chippewa Falls.