The next morning Rose awoke with the sun in her eyes and to a note on Jack’s pillow. Picking it up, she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and read:

My dearest Rose,

Forgive me for not being there this morning, but Molly came knocking on the door and insisted that it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. Which of course I think is a stupid wives tale. Besides, we’ve had enough bad luck already. How much worse can it get? But to appease her, I packed a suit and have gone to her room to change. She should be up to help you get ready soon and whisk you off to the justice of the peace. I’ll see you soon my love. Let’s make today count.

Love Jack.

"Molly," Rose shook her head folding up the note and taking down the white dress she had chosen to wear that day. It was simple white dress that hung just above her feet. It was perfect for the wedding and boarding the train that will take her and Jack to their new home. Chippewa Falls.

"Rosie! Rose are you awake in there darling!" Molly knocked on the door.

"Good morning Molly. Where’s Jack?"

"Off to buy those tickets then he’s heading for the justice of the peace to wait for his bride. Now do you have the dress ready?"
Rose nodded. "of course. Molly…I can’t help being nervous. I know this is Jack and he loves me, but…do you think I’d make a good wife? I mean, I know nothing about cooking, doing the laundry, cleaning…"

"Oh honey don’t threat. Jack told me he knows all about that and I’m sure he’ll teach you. And you’ll be the perfect wife. That boy’s love for you knows no bounds. It’s not everyday you find a love like that."

"I’m truly lucky Rose grinned getting ready to slip on her wedding dress.


One hour later, Rose and Molly arrive at the Justice of the Peace where Jack was inside nervously awaiting them.

"Calm down lad. It’ll be alright," the older man who was performing the ceremony squeezed Jack’s shoulder.

"It’s just that we’ve been through so much to be together…what if she’s not happy with me? What if she wants to go back to Philadelphia?" Jack paced the floor. "What if she doesn’t show up at all?"

"We’re here!" Molly announces as her and Rose enter the building.

"See, she’s here," The older gentleman smiles at Jack who blushed slightly, ashamed that he was worrying so much.

"Come on Ned! Let’s get this children hitched so they can be on their way! Their train leaves in another two hours!" Molly pulls Rose up to where the two men were standing.

"Sleep well Rose?" Jack asked, taking her hand in his.

Rose just nervously nodded, trying not to think of the big step she was taking but concentrated on Jack and how much she loved him and wanted to spend forever in his arms.

"Ok. Let’s begin," The justice cleared his throat. "Do you, Rose Lillian Dewitt Bukater take Jack Richard Dawson as your lawfully wedded husband, through good times and bad, through sickness and health, til death do you part?"

Staring into Jack’s crystal blue eyes, she knew that by his side was where she belonged and with him she could go through anything. "I do."

"And do you Jack Richard Dawson take Rose Lillian Dewitt Bukater as your lawfully wedded wife through good times and bad, through sickness and health, til death do you part?"

Jack smiled at his beautiful bride, instantly knowing the answer. "I do."

"Does anyone here have any objections to why these two people should not be married?"

Rose looked towards the door, half-way expecting her mother and Cal to come bursting through the door, but to her relief no one came.

"Well then I now pronounce you husband and wife! You may kiss the bride!" The justice smiled happily watching Jack take Rose in his arms and kiss her with everything he had.

"Bravo!" Molly clapped and cheered, happy to have witnessed the marriage of two very special people. "Breakfast at the finest restaurant in New York! On me!"

"Oh Molly…"

"Rose Dawson don’t you dare protest. This is my wedding present to the both of you. Now come, we don’t want to miss our reservations," Molly took both their hands and led them out of the building.


Molly, Jack and Rose stood outside the trainstation, tears in their eyes. It was the time they hated most. Time to say good-bye.

"Now you two have my address and number so drop me a line. I want to be kept up to date on you two," Molly sniffed, hugging Rose.

"Oh we will Molly. I’m going to miss you. You’ve been the mother I never had," Rose hugged the older woman tightly, knowing that this was the last link to her past life.

"And you Jack…take good care of Rose, and remember, patience is a virtue," Molly hugged Jack tightly, hating to say good-bye to the optimistic artist. "And when your art makes it big, remember I want a Jack Dawson original."

"It’s in the mail," Jack laughed.

"All Aboard!" The conductor announced.

"Well that’s us. Thank you for everything Molly. And I promise we’ll keep in touch," Rose waved as her and Jack back up towards the train.

"Good luck children!" Molly waved watching them disappear into the train. Molly stood in that exact spot, watching the train disappear into the horizon, taking the newlyweds to Chippewa Falls. Closing her eyes she prayed for the best and went back to her hotel to pack up her things so she could return to Denver.