Ruth was waiting in the living room for Jack and Rose to return. The house was silent as baby Andrew slept upstairs. She couldn’t believe all that had happened in the past couple of days. It was horrible to tell Jack upon his return, but there really was no choice.

"We’re home!" Rose announced, walking ahead of Jack, who was struggling with their bags, unaware of what awaited them inside.

"Rose, Jack. Thank goodness you’re home!" Ruth got up and embraced her daughter. "I trust that you and Jack had a wonderful time."

"It was wonderful," Rose grinned. "We went to the beach and the pier. We rode the roller coaster and rode horses in the surf."

Ruth smiled at the bright light in her daughter’s eyes. A light she knew wouldn’t have been there if she had married Cal. A light that Ruth hoped wouldn’t disappear once she told them what had happened yesterday morning. "That sounds lovely dear."

"Where’s my mother and Dean?" Jack asked, looking around the room as he sat the bags down, surprised that Lily wasn’t there to greet them.

Ruth took a deep breath, hating to give bad news on their arrival. But she had no choice. "I suggest that you two take a seat. I have some disturbing news. Especially for you Jack."

Jack frowned, not liking the vibes he was getting from his mother in law. Something had happened. Was it Andrew? Was he sick? They should never had left him, he was only a baby, after all. "Is it Andrew? Is my baby ok?"

"The baby’s fine. He’s upstairs sleeping peacefully. I’m telling you, he’s such a lovely child. A joy to…"

"Mother! What is this news you want to tell us?" Rose interrupted. "If it’s not Andrew…oh my God…is it Lily? Has something happened to the baby?"

"Ruth sighed. She hated this. She really did. "They were arrested yesterday morning."
"Who was?" Jack asked. "Why?"

Ruth looked at Jack as if he should have known who she was talking about. "Lily and Dean. Your cousin George had them arrested for murder. The police along with your cousin showed up at the door and carted them away. I haven’t heard anything from them since."

Both Jack and Rose sat there, stunned by this turn of events. Neither of them had been expecting this. Especially Jack, who had thought that all the tension and strife caused by his mother’s relationship with Dean was over. Everything was supposed to be peaceful and happy now.

"I’m going to the jail," Jack turned to Rose, taking her hand tightly in his.

Rose could only nod, seeing the determination in his piercing stare. "Do you want me to come with you?" She had hoped to settle in and spend time with Andrew, but it was kind of obvious that Jack needed her.

"Would you mind? I know you’re tired from the train."

"Eh, I’m fine. Let’s go down to the jail and find out what exactly is exactly going on. Mother, you don’t mind being in charge for a little while longer, do you?"

"Oh of course not. Go. See about Jack’s mother. She may need a visit with her son. Explain what happened."

Rose knew that Ruth was expecting her to tell her who Lily had murdered and why Jack’s cousin was so angry, but it wasn’t Rose’s place to say. She quickly got up and grabbed her purse. "Jack? Are you ready?"

"Sure," He got up. Rose would never know how much Jack loved her, especially at that moment. They were one of the same it seemed. "Let’s go see my mother."


The police station was quiet, not a peep could be heard from the officers, nor the prisoners. Jack and Rose were led into a small steel room containing a long table and three plastic chairs. Soon after they entered, Lily was led in, looking rather dejected. Jack frowned, thinking that he had never seen her look so dejected.

"Jack, Rose," Lily tried to smile, not wanting her son to feel sad right after his happy honeymoon. Rose and Jack had deserved nothing but happines, but she seemed to keep ruining it. "You look well rested. I assume you had a good time in Santa Monica."

"It was great," Jack tried to smile, but found that he couldn’t. He had never wanted to see his mother in jail. Not even when he was so angry with her. "Oh mom. How did this happen?"

Lily shrugged, glancing away from her son’s sad stare. "You’ll have to ask your cousin that question. George just came to the house with the police, said that Dean and I were going to pay for Andrew’s death. The next think I know, I’m setting in this jail cell, wondering if I’ll ever see the light of day again."

Jack sighed, setting in one of the chairs. "I’m going to have a talk with George. He can’t just do this. You’re pregnant for goodness sake!"

"That’s something I want to talk to you and Rose about Jack," Lily sat across from him and took his hand. "If I go to prison…I want you and Rose to look after the baby."

"But mom, you’ll be out way before the baby gets here. So there won’t be any…"

"Jack, just promise me. Please, this is important. Dean’s family…they’re horrible people. At least with you, the baby will grow up safe and happy. Please Jack...this will be the only thing I'll ask of you again," Lily pleaded, tears in her eyes. There really was a good chance of her going to prison. She needed to know that her baby will be safe.

Jack looked at Rose, and knew what the answer was. "Ok mom. We’ll take the baby if you’re convicted. Down’t worry anymore. Besides, I doubt you’ll be convicted anyway."

"I wish I could have your confidence, sweetie," Lily got to her feet as the officer returned to take her back to her cell. She felt like crying. She had just gotten her son back in her life and now she was losing not only him, but her grandchild and her own child as well. Maybe she shouldn’t have come back to Chippewa Falls. She should have known this would happen. Looking one last time at her son, Lily was led back to her cell.

"It’ll be alright Jack," Rose wrapped her arms around him, wanting to comfort him. She knew how hard this must be for him. Jack loved his mother. He really did and she knew it was killing him to see her locked up like this.

"I know," Jack sighed, trying to believe that things will work out. That his mother could beat the charges…even though he doubted she could.


George was waiting for Jack once they returned. He was playing with Andrew while Ruth made tea. Jack glared angrily at his cousin. He couldn’t help but to blame him for his mother’s incarceration.

"Jack! You’re back at last," George greeted, getting to his feet with Andrew in his arms. "This little man’s missed you. Where did you go?"

"The police station to see my mother…who you’ve put in jail."

George let out a held breath. He had hoped to have told Jack about Lily himself, but that obviously didn’t happen. Instead, Jack found out himself and looked very angry. "I had to Jack. I couldn’t let her get away with murdering Uncle Andrew. You may be able to forgive her, but I can’t."

"You didn’t even try! For goodness sake, George! She’s pregnant!"

"So? That doesn’t make her crime disappear. Aunt Lily deserves everything that’s happening to her," George handed the baby to Rose as he faced his cousin. "She’s a murderer Jack."

"But she’s my mother and despite it all, I love her and don’t want to see her locked up."

George only snorted, not knowing what else to say or do to get Jack to agree with him. "Well…I do. I’m sorry, but that’s how I feel. Lily belongs with the rest of the murderers. I’m sorry."

Jack didn’t answer. He was full of anger right then. In fact, he felt that it was time for George to leave. He needed a break from his cousin for a while. "I think it’s time for you to go home George. Cillie’s probably waiting."

"…Call me when you see reason," George grabbed his coat and left the house, wondering when Jack will be ready to speak to him again.

As his cousin disappeared down the walkway, Jack wondered about the stability of his family. Was it finally time for the Dawson’s to come apart under pressure? Well…only time could truly tell.