It was next to the last day of their honeymoon when Jack and Rose decide to visit the pier. It was a bright and beautiful day. Rose had packed a picnic lunch. Hand in hand, they head out for a lovely day. The first place they stopped was right in front of the ocean. The Ferris wheel and roller coaster loomed in the distance.

"This is where I drew pictures for ten cents a piece," Jack sighed, memories of his first days of wandering the country overwhelming him. "I drew more people here then anywhere else."

Smiling, Rose got an idea. They had no pictures of the pier like this. It was a perfect scene. Too perfect to pass up. Digging in her purse, Rose found a dime. She handed it to Jack, who looked at her confused. What was Rose up to now? He didn’t know if he liked that gleam in her eyes. That very gleam was there on Titanic, when she had wanted him to draw her wearing the Heart of the Ocean.

"Jack…you now what I want. Draw me right here on the pier. It’s a perfect scene. Don’t you think?"

Jack just stood in one place, smiling at his beautiful wife. He was thinking of how easy she was to draw.

Rose frowned when Jack didn’t respond by opening his portfolio. "What’s wrong? Are you inspired?"

He laughed. She had no idea just how inspired he actually was. "Of course I’m inspired. I’m always inspired by my lovely model here," He took out his portfolio. "Now remember, be absolutely still."


They walked along the pier, hand in hand. Rose was staring at her picture as she took another sip of the cheap beer Jack had brought her. Honestly she had tasted better. But this was all part of the Santa Monica experience.

"You are so talented," She sighed happily.

"You’re prejudiced," Jack squeezed her hand affectionately.

"No, I’m in love," She stopped and stepped closer to him. "With the most wonderful man in the world."

"Now you’re really laying it on thick," Jack pulled her into his arms. "Ah, I love you Rose Dawson."

Rose smiled mysteriously, her green eyes full of mischief. "Jack…do you know what I want to do now?"

"What?" He asked, getting lost in her green gaze.

"Ride the roller coaster until I throw up!" She laughed, making a run for the long line ahead.


"Wow, that was fantastic," Rose pulled on Jack’s hand as they headed away from the ride. "We didn’t throw up though."

"We didn’t ride it enough times," Jack laughed. He truly loved seeing Rose like this. So full of wonder and excitement. It reminded him of the earlier days of their marriage. Where everyday was a new and wonderful discovery. "So…are you ready to ride like a man?"

Rose’s eyes lit up with eagerness. "Am I ever. Come on!" She grabbed his hand.

Two hours later…

It was time to return the horse, much to Rose’s disappointment. Riding had giving her a feeling of greater freedom with the added security of Jack setting behind her, hugging her close.

"Ah, such a lovely couple," the elderly man they had rented the horses from cooed as they rode back. "I must take a picture. Stay here," He disappeared and then reappeared with a camera in hand.

"I love you Jack," Rose turned her head to look at Jack, whose face was aglow with happiness. In his eyes, she had found her forever.

"I love you too, baby," Jack kissed her forehead. "And I promise to be with you always."

The camera clicking took off just as their lips met, capturing their love for eternity.