Rose gasped in delight as she stood at the entrance of the beach house they had rented. It was gorgeous. The ocean was in plain view and the place was full of sunshine. This honeymoon was definitely going to be something to remember.

"I love it," She whispered, about to take a step inside, when Jack scooped her up into his arms. "Jack! What are you doing?"

"Carrying my love over the threshold," he grinned, entering the mansion, with the laughing Rose in his arms.

"You’re crazy," Rose grinned, losing herself in his eyes. "But I love you."

Jack’s eyes lit up at those three words, still not able to believe he was lucky enough to have won the affections of a girl like Rose. "I love you too," he kissed her, carrying her into the bedroom.


Later that day, Rose and Jack set on the beach, in front of a roaring fire. Rose leaned into Jack’s arms and closed her eyes in perfect bliss. It was amazing how much she loved him. She had never thought she’d love anyone as much as she loved Jack.

"Rose," his voice was soft and gentle.

"Jack," She sighed, even loving the sound of his name.

"Do you still want to go to t he pier?"

Rose’s eyes widened and she turned around to look at him sternly. "Of course, I still want to go to the pier. I want to do all we’ve talked about."

"Just checking," Jack laughed at Rose’s playful slap. "Ah Rose, we have so much to do."

"I kind of wish Andrew was here. He would love the beach and ocean."

"It would have been just the three of us," Jack sighed, an idea forming in his head. "Rose…would you like to move here? Live in Santa Monica permanently?"

Rose’s eyes widened. "Are you serious?"

Jack nodded. "It’d be so much better to raise Andrew here. Plus, there’s a theater here. You can further your acting career. They have tons of galleries and stores here, and we can lease to own the cottage we’re staying in now."

"Oh Jack, it sounds wonderful. But what about our family? They won’t want us to go."

"It’s not their decision Rose. It’s ours. Now, do you want to move here or not?"

Rose grinned, she turned to hug him. Yes, let’s do it!"

Laughing, Jack kissed her, knowing that they had made the right decision. "I love you."

"I love you more," Rose sighed, lying back on the sand, pulling Jack down with her. "Put your hands on me Jack," Rose sighed, staring up into his eyes. "Take me to the stars."

And that was where he took her. Up into the pure bliss of just being together.