Five months have passed since Andrew’s birth. It’s been a busy five months for Jack and Rose as they settled into parenthood. Midnight feedings and diaper changes kept them both very busy; and then there was Jack’s job, demanding more and more of his time. There was barely any time left for themselves.

It was Saturday and for once, Jack didn’t have to work. He entered the nursery and smiled at the touching scene before him. Mother rocking child to sleep. He wondered where his portfolio was when he needed it.

"Jack?" Rose’s voice brought him out of his thoughts.

"Hey," he grinned, walking into the room. "I just thought I’d come in and check on our son."

"You don’t have to work today do you?" Rose asked, missing the days when Jack was able to spend hours on end with her.

"No. I’m off finally. I’m off until Monday."

Rose sighed, getting up to put the baby down in the bed. "We need a vacation," She sighed, only half serious.

"Well then let’s take one," Jack shrugged, knowing that the impulsiveness of the decision would surprise Rose. He missed surprising her.

Rose looked at Jack as if he had grown two heads. "Jack. I was kidding. We can’t go on vacation. We have Andrew now…you have a job."

"I can take a few weeks off. Our mothers can watch Andrew for us, or we can take him with us," Jack sat in the chair across from Rose and held her hand tightly in his. "Come on Rose. Let’s do it. Let’s get away from here for a while. Just name the place and we’ll go."

Rose laughed, amused by the old idea of picking up and heading for the horizon. Especially now that they have so much responsibility. Her smile faded as she thought of how they hardly saw each other. A vacation would do so much good. "Let’s go to Santa Monica. We’ll do all the things we ever talked about doing.

"Good idea. Santa Monica it is then," Jack squeezed her hand. "This is going to be fun Rosie. Just me and you and the pier."


Jack and Rose found Lily and Ruth in the kitchen preparing lunch. After much discussion, they had decided to leave Andrew with their mothers.

"Mother? Lily? Can we talk to you, please?" Ruth asked, standing hand in hand with Jack.

"Sure," Lily motioned for everyone to set. "What is this about?"

Jack and Rose looked at each other and then back at the women before them. They didn’t know how well this was going to go over. Ruth was old fashioned and believed that children should accompany their parents everywhere. Lily probably would want to check with Dean first.

"Rose and I have been talking. We’ve decided to go ahead and take our belated honeymoon. We wanted to know if you'’ take care of Andrew for us, while we’re away?" Jack explained.

At first Lily and Ruth just looked at one another, speechless. They didn’t know what to say. They had never thought that Jack and Rose would ever trust them enough to allow them to keep the baby. But obviously they did, which made both mother’s, deliriously happy.

"Why of course we’ll watch Andrew," Ruth smiled, tears in her eyes.

"Mother, don’t cry," Ruth took her mother’s hands. "What’s wrong?"

"It’s just that…I never thought you’d trust me to keep Andrew. I thought I had lost your trust forever."" "You’re not the only one Ruth," Lily dabbed at her eyes. "Jack….you’ll never know how much this means to me. Trusting me with your son like this."

"Well…Rose and I think it’s time we started treating you like the grandmother’s Andy deserves. He loves you…and so do we."

"Thank you," Lily got up and hugged her son and Rose, tears spilling freely from her eyes. That was when a loud cry disturbed the silence of the house.

"Oh dear," Rose sighed, standing from her seat. "I better go see what’s wrong."

"I’ll come with you," Jack got up and took her hand. "Mom. Ruth. We really appreciate this."

"Well you two deserve a nice honeymoon," Lily smiled, happy that it looked like her son truly forgave her for the fire.

"See you two later," Jack escorted Rose up the stairs.

Rose went right to the baby and cradled him in her arms. She didn’t know how she was going to be able to leave her baby behind. She loved him so much.

"I’m going to miss this little guy," Jack stroked the baby’s soft cheek.

"Me too. But I think it’ll only be momentary. I’m really looking forward to it being just the two of us. I think we need this."

"Yes we do," Jack kissed her tenderly.


Two hours later, Jack and Rose were at the boarding house visiting George and Cillie. They were telling them about the coming trip. George wasn’t happy at all with the arrangements that were made for Andrew. He was right now making his feelings known when Rose and Cillie had left the room.

"So you’re allowing that murderess to keep my baby cousin, huh?" George angrily glared at Jack as he paced the room.

Jack sighed, setting back on the couch. He knew George was going to be mad about the decision; but George had to understand that Jack had to let go of the anger. It would have destroyed him if he hadn’t.

"I can’t stay angry forever, George," Jack sighed. "She’s my mother. The only one I have."

"So…does this forgiveness extend to Dean as well?" George’s voice was cold and bitter. He hated Lily and her husband with a passion. They were both murderers and were getting away with the crime. Now it looked like Dean was going to get his claws into his Uncle’s grandson.

"I’ll admit that I still don’t care much for Dean. But I can’t tell my mother how to rule her life. Besides, pa wouldn’t want that. He wouldn’t want revenge either. He would jus twant us to be safe and happy. And that’s the kind of world I’m trying to give my son. A world that he can be safe and happy in. Do you understand?"

Sighing, George nodded. He wanted the same thing for his cousin as well. But he was sure that as long as Lily and Dean were free, the world would never be save and happy for his nephew.


Meanwhile, Rose and Cillie were in the kitchen making lunch. Cillie looked over at Rose and thought once again how lucky she truly was. Cillie did love George, but he didn’t want children was often pretty grumpy…which caused her to go and search out love elsewhere…outside her marriage. Unknown to Rose and Jack and especially George. If George ever found out…

"Rose you are so blessed to have Jack and Andrew."

"I love them so much Cillie. Jack’s a dream come true, and the baby he gave me…he’s the most beautiful baby in the world. I don’t know where I’d be without them," Rose sighed.

"Never let him go Rose. You’ve found something special in Jack," Cillie sighed, stiring the bubbling liquid on the stove.

Rose frowned. She didn’t like the sound of that. "Cillie…aren’t things going well with you and George? He’s not hitting you again is he?"

Cillie sighed and shook her head. "No Rose. George isn’t hitting me. It’s just that…he’s angry all the time now. He’s obsessed with Jack’s mother and her husband. It’s kind of scaring me."

"Maybe I should tell Jack to wait on the trip. Help you two work things out."
"No Rose. I can’t have you canceling your plans for us. You two have held back on this trip for way too long already. It’s time for you to go on a romantic get away."

"Are you sure?" Rose asked. "I mean, we can go to Santa Monica anytime."
"Rose, I’m positive. You and Jack go. Have a great time," Cillie hugged her friend tightly, just as Jack and George entered.

"Rose, are you ready to go? We have some packing to do," Jack took her hand.

"Ok, I guess," Rose followed him to the door. "Cillie, George. We’ll call when we get there."

"Take care," George waved as they left to pack for Santa Monica.