Five hours have passed since Jack’s awakening. To his amazement, Rose and George believed every word of his account of the meeting with his father. Rose especially was a comfort, telling him that his father would always be there with him.

At that moment Jack was warm and tucked into his cousin’s bed. Rose was curled up next to him, thankful that he was awake and full of life again. Jack was about to drift off into a peaceful slumber when the sounds of loud voices are heard from outside his door.

"If my son is here I want to see him!" Lily’s voice drifted through the door.

"Oh no," Jack groaned. He was in no mood to face his murderous mother at the moment. Sure his father had said not to blame her, but how can he no? If it weren’t for her, his father would be alive right now, giving him advice about being a good husband and father. But no. Instead he was lying in a cold grave because her. If only she had left a note instead of setting a fire…

"I’ll get rid of her," Rose got to her feet, seeing the distress in Jack’s eyes.

But before she could make a move for the door, Lily and Dean had entered . Jack pulled Rose back down onto the bed, knowing that it was useless to tell his mother to leave.

"Oh Jack," Lily gasped at how pale her son was now. Even paler then he was when he was shot. "Oh my…what happened to you?"

"Cut the act mom. Say what you’re gonna say and leave," Jack glared at Lily, trying to keep his feelings of anger and betrayer in check.

"The act? Jack, you’re my son. I love you."

"Lily, the kid obviously doesn’t want to hear it," Dean stepped forward. "Let’s just get him home and we can all set and talk about this morning."

"We’ll talk about it here if we talk about it at all," Jack shook his head.

"Very well. Jack, we want that room. We’re not taking no for an answer," Dean crossed his arms in determination.

"And if I still refuse, what are you going to do about it? Kill me like you killed my father?"

"Jack," Rose gasped as she watched Lily’s face pale in fright and Dean’s redden in anger.

"Jack…why would you say such a thing?" Lily stammered, caught off guard by the question.

"Because it’s true. I know all about the fire you two set up so you could run away together."

"Who told you that?"

"It doesn’t matter mother. I know. But if you want the room, you can have it. Rose and I will have our things out of there tomorrow. But my father’s things stay. If you want them moved, you’ll have to move them yourself."

Dean glared at Jack then looked back to Lily. "You better have a talk with your son."

"Dean…please, let me handle this," Lily placed a steady hand on her husband’s arm.

"I always thought there was something weird about that fire," George grumbled.

"Jack…you don’t understand…the fire was an accident. Your father wasn’t even supposed to be there."

"But he was and he’s dead now because of you."

"Jack," Lily went to embrace her son, but Jack pushed her away. At that moment, he wanted nothing to do with her. She had murdered his father and he didn’t know if he could ever forgive her for that. She was devastated that she couldn’t even get close to her son…that he wanted nothing to do with her. "Jack…you may hate me right now, but I am still your mother. Nothing will ever change that. I’ll leave now. Come home when you feel like it."
Jack didn’t reply to this. He just angrily turned his head away from her, not even wanting to look at her.

"Come on. Let’s get out of here," Dean led her out of the room. Wordlessly, Lily allowed him to lead her away.

After they were gone, the apartment was drenched in silence. Rose could only wrap her arms around Jack, wanting to take away his pain. In turn, Jack clung to her, knowing that she was his life preserver in a sea of despair.