Two months had  passed since Babette’s arrival and everything was peaceful.  Cillie and Babette had called a truce and Rose and Babette had become friends, much to Jack’s delight.  That day Jack and Babette were in town.  She was helping Jack shop for things for the birth of his baby.  George was at work and Rose was on the porch, breaking green beens for dinner while Cillie was upstairs taking a nap.  She hasn’t been feeling for the past few days.  Rose suspected that she may be pregnant.  

          Rose had just gotten through breaking the beans when she got to her feet and looked up to see a figure walking down the dirt road  leading to the house.  She frowned.  It was a man with curly blond hair and he was a little taller then Jack.  At first she wondered if it was Tommy Ryan from Titanic.  That maybe he  had survived after all.  But she saw that this was not so as the man got closer. 

          “Who’s there?” Rose called, uneasiness rising up in her throat, wondering if she should go get Cillie.”

          “Hello there,” The man greeted, coming up onto the porch.  “My name is Phillipe Giulliume.  I’m looking for someone.  She said she’ll be staying here with a friend.  I assume you’re that friend.”

          Rose frowned.  “What’s her name?”

          “Babette.  You are the friend aren’t you?”

          Rose’s eyes lit up in understanding.  “She’s an old friend of  Jack’s.  She would have been talking about him.”

          “Jack?  Who is Jack and how close are they?” Phillipe was of course suspicious.  He had no idea this friend was a man.  He had just assumed that Cillie would be staying with a female friend.  He wasn’t sure he’d let his love come if he knew this friend was a man. 

          “Jack’s my husband,” Rose knowingly smiled as she saw the flash of jealousy in the man’s eyes.  “They’re just friends.”
          “Oh,” Phillipe nodded, still not very relieved.  People had affairs everyday and Babette’s profession at times called for sleeping with married men.  This Jack may not be any different and his lovely wife wouldn’t know a thing.  He wasn’t going to feel better until he saw Babette himself and she reassured him that this Jack was just a friend and nothing more.

          “Listen, they should be back soon.  Why don’t you come in and wait.  She’s going to be so happy to see   you,” Rose invited him inside.

          “Sure,” Phillipe nodded, stepping into the cool house. 

          “I’m sorry for the mess,” Rose picked up some of Jack’s art supplies.  “Jack’s an artist and sometimes he gets a bit messy with his supplies.  I keep telling him to keep his things together, but he forgets.”

          “That’s normal,” Phillipe took a seat next to a sketch of Babette.  He looked at the drawing in amazement.  “He did this?” He held up the drawing.

          Rose smiled with pride.  She was always excited when people discovered just how talented Jack was.  “I know.  He has an extraordinary talent.  One of the things I first noticed about him when we met.”

          Phillipe just smiled  as he saw the love shining in Rose’s eyes as she talked about her husband.  It was obvious that she felt for Jack what he felt for Babette.  It was nice to see someone else deeply in love like he was. 

          “Phillipe!” Babette screamed in delight as she entered the house with Jack behind her, carrying two bags of baby supplies. 

          “Babette!” he got to his feet and caught her as she rushed into his arms.  “Babette.”

          “What are you doing here?  You weren’t supposed to come for another month!” Babette clung to him tightly.

          “I missed you too much.  I had to come,” Philippe kissed her cheek holding her tightly.

          “Has there been any word from Jacques?” Babette frowned.  She had a feeling that there was something else behind Phillippe’s early arrival.

          Phillippe sighed.  He was hoping to avoid the subject of Babette’s former pimp for a little while longer, but it was better that she knew  now.  That way she’d be prepared if he showed up here.  “I saw him Babette.  But he didn’t see me.  He was at the general store asking questions about us.  I packed up what I could and left immediately.”

          “Oh god,” Babette looked at him in horror.  “Oh Phillippe, if he had caught up with you…”

          “Hey he didn’t.  I’m here now and I’m not leaving your side.”

          “Oh Phillippe…I’m so scared,” Babette cried.  Phillippe pulled her closer, resting her head on his shoulder, wanting to comfort her as much as he could.

          Rose looked on, a feeling of trepidation rising in her heart.  Just how dangerous was this Jacques?  Would he hurt the people she loved?  Looking at Jack she decided to ask him later, once they were alone.  She didn’t want to upset Babette anymore then she already was.


          That night, Rose layed in bed, wrapped securely in Jack’s arms.  She stared up at the ceiling, her thoughts in a whirlpool.  All she could think about was Babette, Phillippe, the danger they were in and how that danger would affect her and Jack.  Her hold tightened on her husband as she thought about him getting hurt.  No!  Not her Jack.  No matter what her Jack couldn’t be harmed.  She loved him too much.

          “What’s on your mind Rose?” Jack asked, noticing how tense she became. 

          “Jack…just how dangerous is this Jacques man?  Is he capable of…murder?”

          Jack sighed.  He should have known Rose would become worried.  “Well…I guess you can say he is.  I mean…he’s very possessive of his girls and his business.  He would never let any of them go willingly and there’s no telling what could happen to anyone that tried.”

          “So Phillippe and Babette are in real danger aren’t they?  Would he know to look here?”

          “I don’t know Rose.  I don’t know if he’d trace them here or not.  He’s not a dumb man, so I guess he would.  But I don’t want you to worry about that right now.  Because no matter what, I’ll always take care of you.  Ok?  I won’t let anything happened to you or our child.”

          “How about you  Jack?  Don’t let anything happen to you either.  I need you Jack.  I need you so much,” Tears appear in her eyes, breaking his heart.  He pulled into a tight embrace and kissed the top of her head.

          “I need you too sweetie.  I need you too,” that night they made love in a way they haven’t before.  It was full of passion and longing, like they couldn’t get enough of one another.  Little did they know that deadly danger was on it’s way at that very minute.




          Two days later, things were still calm and peaceful, trouble free.  Babette spent all her time with Phillippe now.  Jack had told them that they could stay as long as they wanted to.  There wasn’t a time limit.  George and Cillie still continue with their daily routine of sewing and working and Jack spends the time he’s not at the factory with Rose.  Talking to her, drawing her, holding her, all in all being a wonderful  husband to her.  He was never too tired for Rose.  Even on his busiest day.

          That day was his day off and he decided to take Rose down to the lake for a romantic picnic.  Give them a chance to get out of the house and to be alone.      

          “Happy?” Jack asked, kissing the top of her head as she leaned back against him as he leaned against a nearby tree watching the water.

          “Yes.  This has been the perfect day,” Rose sighed.  “Everything’s so peaceful here.”

“So, what do you want to talk about?”

Rose giggled. “Anything.  Like…what do you want to name the baby.”

“How about Lily?”

          “Why do you like Lily?”

          “My  mother’s name.  Plus it’ll match.  Lily daughter of Rose,” Jack grinned.

          Rose’s heart melted.  “Oh Jack…how about if it’s a boy?  I was thinking naming him after my father, or yours.”

          “What was your father’s name?”

          “Joesph.  Joesph Dewitt Bukater.”

          “Joesph Dawson.  Hey I like that,” Jack grinned.  “And we’ll take him to Santa Monica with us.  I want our child to experience the ocean.”

          “And everything else.  But I don’t think we can take it on the roller coaster or riding in the surf.”

          “We’ll just have to find a setter then won’t we?” Jack smiled, hugging his wife closer.  “Oh Rose, I can’t wait.  Me and you in Santa Monica, soaking up the sun.”

          “Getting sunburned instead of tan,” Rose giggled.  “Of course you probably won’t have a problem, but I tend to burn easily.  One of my many faults.”

          Jack looked at her as if she had two heads.  “You?  Have faults?  Not my perfect Rose.  I love every perfect thing about you.”

          “And my faults?  Do you love them too?”
          “Of course.  You know, it seems like I fall deeper and deeper in love with you everyday.  My love for you…it consumes me.  Every waking and sleeping moment.”

          Rose giggled.  “Well,  I guess I’m boarderline obsessive with you.  You own my every waking moment as well.  I feel like if you’re not here, I’ll die.”

          “Well that will never happen because I’m always going to be here.”

          Rose swallowed, the troubles facing Babette and Phillippe back on her mind.  “Jack…I..I’m still worried about that man after Babette and Phillippe.  I mean…what if it affects us somehow?”

          “Rose…why do you keep worrying about this?  Has there been any indication that he’s found them?”

          “No.  But that’s what’s worrying me the most.  Jack, do you remember days before Titanic sank…how calm it was.  Perfect weather, perfect sea?”

          “Yeah.  Not a worry in the world.”
          “No clue that a iceberg was in our path to sink the ship right from under us.  Well that’s how I feel right now.  Everything’s perfect.  Between us and everyone else.  The town and our lives are so calm.  But the calm is false.  We’re in the path of danger Jack and it could be the end of us all.”

          “Rose…listen don’t worry.  Whatever this is…I’ll take care of it.  I’m here and I’m  going to remain here, no matter what.”

          “You were there when the iceberg hit too Jack…but that didn’t stop the ship from sinking did it?”

          Jack just frowned, touching his wife’s face, wishing his love was enough to take away all her fears.


          Meanwhile, at the Eau Claire trainstation, a man with slicked back ebony hair and cold dark eyes that had murderous intent deep in their depths stepped off a train.  He had tracked the boy back to this town.  He was going to find his property and bring her back and he’ll kill anyone that tried to stop him.  

          He left the train and walked to the general store just outside.  He showed the picture of his girl to the clerk who arched a brow.

          “Have you seen…this?” The man growled.

          “Sure.  She’s staying with the Dawsons in Chippewa Falls.  A carriage comes later tonight if you want to wait.”
          “Thank you,” The man said grumpily and found a bench to set on while he waited.




          The night was quiet and peaceful.  George was in the kitchen finishing up the dinner dishes, Babette and Phillippe were upstairs in each other’s arms, dreaming of the future.  And Cillie, Jack and Rose were in the setting room.  Cillie was setting in a chair reading a book while Jack and Rose took the couch.  Rose’s head was on Jack’s lap.  She stared up into his eyes, trying to forget the mounting fear inside her heart.  Something was going to happen soon.  She can just feel it.  Jack of course tried to make her forget her worries by stroking her hair and singing Come Josephine to her.  Cillie gave the couple a couple of amused glances but always returned to her book.

          “Hey, it’s going to be ok,” Jack looked into her eyes, noticing the fear was still there.  “Don’t worry.  Just think about when our baby is born and we’re off to Santa Monica.”

          She smiled just as loud banging at the front door vibrated through the room.  Rose sat up and grabbed Jack’s hand.

          “Don’t open it Jack.  Please.  Whoever it is will go away,” Rose pleaded, the fear now at a level where she can’t handle it anymore.  Whoever was on the other side of the door was dangerous, she could feel it.

          Sighing Cillie got  up and opened the door to a tall, thin man with black hair and smoldering black eyes, a gun was tightly clenched in his hands.  He pushed Cillie to the side and turned to face Jack, who was standing in front of Rose, his first instinct being to protect her.

          “Where is she Dawson?  I know she’s here!  She’ll always run back to you no matter what.  Where is she?” The man growled.

          “Who?  Babette?”  Jack decided to pretend he hadn’t seen Babette.  “I don’t know where she is.  I haven’t seen her  in two years.”

          “Don’t lie to me boy.  I know she’s here!  People in this town love to talk.  They’ve seen her with you.  Her and her thief of a boyfriend.”

          “Well if he stole something from you,” Cillie began. 

          “Shut up!  Now are you going to hand Babette over or am I going to have to take action?”
          Jack didn’t answer.  He just stood there defiantly, while Rose cowered  behind him.  She felt shame as she had the urge to blurt out Babette’s location,but she fought that urge.  No matter what, Babette was her friend and she didn’t want her to go back to that lifestyle either. 

          “So you won’t tell me.  Very well,” The man glared at Jack just as the loud rapport of the gun filled the house and that was when the world shattered for Rose.

          She looked down and saw Jack on the floor, a dark pool of blood spreading out from under him.  “JACK!!!” She screamed falling down  next to his body, her hand plopping in the warm puddle of blood that was soaking into the rug, but she didn’t notice that.  She only saw her husband hurt and on the floor.  “JACK!!!  Someone  help!  Please!  Help!”

          George raced in just to see Jacques aim the gun at Jack’s head, reading to deal the finishing blow.  But before he could, George reached for the blunt statue that stood on a near by table and brought it down  hard on Jacque’s head, knocking him out.                                             

          “George!” Cillie ran into her husband’s arms, hot tears filling her eyes.  She should have listened to Rose.  She should never have opened that door.  She clung to her husband for dear life. 

          “Cillie listen to me,” He pulled away and stared into her eyes intently.  He needed her to calm down and listen.  Jack’s life depended on it.  “Listen to me Cillie!  I need you to calm down!”


          “I know.  That’s why I need you to calm down and go for the doctor, I’ll send Phillippe for the police.  Now go.  Jack needs you, go!” He ordered his wife.

          “But,” She looked at Rose who was now at Jack’s side, hysterically crying.

          “I’ll take care of them.  Now go!”

          Nodding once and without further questions, Cillie darted out the door, determined to bring help for Jack and a eviction notice for the woman that had brought this tragedy onto her family.