The next morning, Rose woke up to a empty bed. Jack was nowhere to be found. Frowning, she slipped on her robe and walked down to the kitchen to find Mrs. Gladys making scrambled eggs and sausage.

"Have you seen Jack?" Rose asked curiously.

"He had the early shift at the factory this morning. They’re needing people bad at that factory. But it’s such dangerous work, why just last month Lewis Corvell lost his two fingers in one of the machines…hardly anyone wants to work there," Grace explained,.

"My goodness. Is Jack safe at that job?"
"I’m sure he’s quite alright. Jack’s a cautious boy. He won’t get hurt," Mrs. Gladys reassured the young woman. "You just relax and ready yourself for breakfast.

Rose did as she was told, but her mind still worried about Jack. What if he got injured, or worse. Could it be possible to survive the worst maritime disaster in history just to lose your life working in a factory? She was going to have a long talk with Jack about changing his job. She had no desire to see her beloved Jack missing a hand or getting a report that he died because of a machine malfunction.

"Now Rose, stop worrying about Jack getting hurt and tell me about your plans for the day," Mrs. Gladys placed a steaming hot plate of food in front of Rose.

"Well…I don’t know. I usually just read a book or take a walk around town when Jack’s working. Or I go visit Cillie. But Cillie’s got that doctor’s appointment today and it’s raining so I can’t possibly take a walk downtown and I think I’ve read every single book in this house."

Mrs. Gladys laughed. "You poor dear. Small town life can be rather boring. Say, the community theater is holding auditions for the annual play on the lake. Why don’t you go try out? Jack said you’re have aspirations to be an actress."

"A play? Me? At this time? I don’t know," Rose’s eyes widened. In all the excitement of the past few months, her acting aspirations were completely forgotten. But now was a great time to make a move towards acting.

"It’ll be something to do and it’ll get you out of the house," Mrs. Gladys smiled. "And just think, if you get a part, I can claim to know a celebrity."

Rose laughed. "I think I will go audition."

"Well then eat up and get dressed. Auditions begin in another two hours."


The tiny theater was teaming with people of all ages and gender, ready to audition for a part in the play Romeo and Juliet. Rose sat amongst the group of women trying out for Juliet. She wasn’t really expecting to get a the part, but she thought it’d be fun to try out at least. And imagine Jack’s surprise if she did get the part.

"Rose Dawson!" Her name was called. Standing up and taking a deep breath she headed for the stage.

"Read from before he balcony scene where Juliet is talking about Romeo while he listens.

"Oh Romeo. Oh Romeo…forget thy father and refuse thy name…" Rose began and for the next five to ten minutes she became Juliet. Rose Dawson disappeared and in her place was a young girl about to meet her soulmate, the son of her enemy…a love she’d later die for.

Rose came back to herself to see the judges writing something down on a paper.

"Thank you Mrs. Dawson. We will contact you when a decision has been made," the lady smiled. Rose just nodded and started for home, her adreneline pumping from the excitement of being on stage.


Rose came home to find Jack setting on the couch with Mrs. Gladys, laughing at what seemed to be a joke. His eyes widened even more with happiness as he saw Rose enter.

"Hey how did it go?" Jack stood up and kissed his wife in greeting.

"They said they’ll contact me. Is that good or bad?" Rose asked.

"All depends," Mrs. Gladys shrugged. "But I am glad you went to audition Rose. The fresh air did you good now didn’t it?"

"It was marvelous," Rose smiled. "And I barely had enough time on my hands to miss Jack."

"I’m glad you’ve found something you like Rose," Jack’s arms encircled Rose’s waist, pulling her close. "Now I won’t have to worry about you setting in this house all alone waiting for me."

"No you won’t," Rose grinned just as the phone ranged.

"Who can that be?" Mrs. Gladys frowned picking up the phone. "Hello? Oh yes she’s here. Rose dear, it’s for you."

Rose frowned. Whoever could be calling her at this hour? "Hello?"

"Mrs. Dawson? This is Mrs. Stricklyn from the theater. I called to tell you that you’ve been chosen in the role of Juliet. We’ll be starting rehearsal tomorrow morning. Be here at eight."

"Yes mam," Rose hung up the phone before turning to Jack and Gladys. "I got it! I’m Juliet!" Rose squealed, rushing into Jack’s arms. "I’ve got the part!"

"Whoo hoo!" Jack lifted her off the floor and spun her around. " My wife is going to be famous! First it’s the theater next it’s going to be the moving pictures at the Nickelodeon."

"I can just see it now. Looking at the screen and say there’s the pretty young wife of Jack Dawson. She made her start here," Mrs. Gladys grinned.

"Oh I’m sure that I won’t make it that big," Rose laughed.

"Oh I don’t know Rose. You can be the next Dorthy Gibson," Jack grinned. "Only prettier."

"Oh Jack, you’re such a charmer," Rose kissed her husband. "Oh Jack, do you really believe that this can launch my acting career?"

"I believe it’s a good start," Jack kissed her forehead. "Now let’s go upstairs to take a nap. Tomorrow’s going to be a big day for you."

"We’ll be back down for dinner," Rose didn’t take her eyes away from Jack. His eyes had filled her whole world and for that one moment, nothing existed for her but Jack. At that moment she knew that as long as she had him standing behind her, she could fall on her face and still be a success.

"Sleep well you two," Mrs. Gladys smiled as she watched the couple ascend the stairwell, totally immersed in each other. It sure did warm her heart to see two young people in love. Sighing happily she disappeared into the kitchen to fix that evening’s dinner.