The day for the rally had finally arrived and Rose, Rebecca, and Cillie were all ready to pile into the carriage that would take them to Eau Claire. Rose stood outside saying good-bye to Jack. This was going to be the longest she’s been away from him and she was nervous.

"Are you sure you can’t come with me?" Rose sadly gazed into her husband’s eyes. "I don’t think I can take a night without you."

Jack laughed. "It’s only one night sweetie and you’ll be with your friends."

"What if Cal shows up?"

Jack sighed. "Rose, what are the chances of Cal showing up at a women’s suffrage rally in Eau Claire Wisconsin? Besides, the man doesn’t seem like the type to be for women’s rights."

"I guess I’m being silly huh?"
Jack laughed again. "No. You’re just nervous. This is your first time out all by yourself since we’ve married. But Rose have fun, enjoy yourself. You won’t even have time to miss me."

Rose smiled and tenderly kissed him. "I’ll always have time to miss you Jack."

"Rose honey, if you’re going you better come on and stop kissing on that gorgeous husband of yours," Rebecca giggled from inside the carriage.

"I’ll see you tomorrow morning Rose."

"Bye Jack," Rose kissed him one more time and disappeared in to the carriage. Jack stood there and watched the carriage disappear into the distance.

Jack starts back for the house, missing Rose already when a car screeches up to him. "George?"

"Was Cillie on that carriage?" George demanded, clearly frustrated.

"Yeah. They just left a minute ago," Jack frowned. "Why?"

"Damnit Jack! She clearly disobeyed me!" George slammed his fist onto the steering wheel.

"Waoh there George. Calm down. This isn’t that bad," Jack tried to calm his cousin.

"Tell me to calm down when it’s your wife constantly going against what you say," George snorted. He glared into the distance, pure determination in his eyes. "Hop in."

"What?" Jack asked, his eyes widening in shock as he realized what George intended to do.

"Hop in. We’re going after my wife and I’m going to teach her that my word is law!"

"George…don’t you think you better calm down first? You’re awfully angry and…"

"Jack are you coming or not? I see you have your portfolio with you. Just think of all you can draw once we get there. Come with me."

Jack sighed in defeat. He really didn’t want to go. He had wanted to give Rose a chance to experience a night without him so just in case they were separated, it wouldn’t be too hard on her. But George was so angry right now, Jack was afraid of what would happen if he didn’t go. At least this way he can work on calming his cousin down.

"Ok George. Count me in," Jack went to the other side and got in.


"I really wish you would calm down before you see her," Jack once again told his cousin as they turn into a very busy Eau Claire. Looking around the streets were crowded with both women and men, their voices rose into the afternoon air, mingling together. "We’re never going to find her in this anyway."
"Oh yes I will," George snorted. "Cillie’s going to have to learn when I say no I mean no."

"You sound like Rose’s ex-fiancee."


"So why do you think she ended up with me instead of him? George, if you’re not careful you’re going to lose her. She’s your wife. Not your slave."
"Who’s side are you on anyway?"

"No ones. I just don’t want you to lose your wife because of Uncle Dwight’s upbringing."

They finally find their wives in front of a stage, a woman was on the podium, giving a speech on why women should have the right to vote. The crowd consisted of women, but men stood around the fringes, most of them shaking their head with disapproval.

"Come on Jack," George pushes his way through the crowd.

"George wait!" Jack called, following his cousin.

Rose stood between Cillie and Rebecca listening to the speech, totally in awe that the woman had the courage to step up on the podium and state what she believed in so eloquently. Her mother would cringe with indignation if she knew Rose was here taking part in the rally. Ruth had always believed that women had their place and should never deviate from it. For the thousandth time Rose thanked God for sending her Jack to rescue her from such a crippling life. Now she was free and able to do and believe anything she wanted, plus have the love of the most wonderful man alive.

"Cillie!" a familiar voice yelled, quickly approaching them. Rose turned and was stunned to see George angrily pushing his way towards them, Jack following behind him.

"Please tell me he’s not here to cause a scene," Cillie groaned.

"I take it George doesn’t like the idea of women’s rights," Rebecca stared at her.

"Abhors it actually."

"Cillie we’re leaving right now!" George grabbed her arm once they’ve reached her.

"Ow! Let go!," Cillie jerked her arm out of George’s grasp. "I’m not going anywhere. I believe in women’s suffrage and I’m here to support the cause. Whether you like it or not so you can go on home."

"Jack?" Rose went up to her husband. "What’s going on?"
"Cillie left without George knowing and he’s pretty steamed. I tried to calm him down, but nothing worked."

"You know better than to disobey me!" George growled, grabbing her arm again. "Now I said come on!"

"And I said no!"

Much to everyone’s shock and dismay, George backhands Cillie, reminding rose of how Cal had hit her after he sent Jack to jail.

"Now come on," George replied, deadly determination in his voice.

Rose chose then to speak up, much to Jack’s surprise. She layed a hand on Cillie’s shaking shoulders. "Cillie will not be returning with you George until you cool off. Instead she will be staying with Jack and I. You may call us when you can act like a gentleman."

"Rose you are not my wife and I have no right to discipline you but I’m sure I can reason with Jack…"

"Don’t count on it George. Hitting a woman, especially your own wife was uncalled for. Cillie has her own mind. She’s not an extension of you. And you should respect her and take care of her. Not beat on her," Jack stood beside his wife. "And the next time you even say anything that remotely sounded like a threat towards my wife, I will not be so civilized."

"I should have known you’d take their side. Father always said that his brother was a pansy and I see he raised his son to be the same way."

For the first time she’s known him, Rose saw pure hurt and anger in Jack’s eyes. Before she could say anything, Jack’s fist connected with George’s nose. "I want you out of my parents house first thing tomorrow night George. You don’t belong there."

George just smiled sourly. "Figures. Fine then. Take the blasted house. It was nothing but a money pit anyway." Picking himself up off the ground, he pushed his way through the crowd, disappearing from sight.

Cillie turned to Rose and threw her arms around her. "Oh thank you Rose! Thank you!"

"It is perfectly ok Cillie. Believe me when I say I know all about dominating men. My ex-fiancee was one. Now you just come home with me and Jack tonight. We’ll take care of you."

"But you only have a room in a boarding house," Cillie shook her head. "There’s no room."

"We’ll make room," Jack pulled his cousin in law into a hug. "And don’t worry about George. I’ll take care of him when the time comes."

"You two are so good to me. Even though George is family…"

"Hey you’re family too. Blood doesn’t matter with us," Jack nodded to Rose.

"That’s right. Look at me. Jack’s all the family I have and if it wasn’t for him, I’d have no one," Rose reassured Cillie. "Now come on. Let’s get you home. I think we’ve caused enough of a scene as it is."

"Too bad you two have to leave," Rebecca patted Rose’s back. "But it was great for morale to see Rose here stand up against that fella. Shows even a real lady has a backbone."

"Rose has more than backbone. She has fire," Jack wrapped a arm around Rose and squeezed her shoulder.

"She sure does," Cillie nodded in agreement.

"Well I had a great role model," Rose smiled, remembering Molly Brown. Now there was a woman with backbone.

"Well ladies, let’s get home," Jack wrapped a arm around Rose and Cillie’s shoulder and escorted them through the crowd, ready to hail a carriage home.