Later on, Mrs. Gladys knocked on the door, wanting to know if the young couple were planning to attend the annual spring hoe down that Chippewa Falls held every April.

"Yes?" Rose opened the door.

"Rose dear, I just wanted to know if you and Jack are planning to attend the annual Spring hoe down tonight," Mrs. Gladys smiled.

"The hoe down?"

"It’s a dance that we have every April dear. Do you and Jack want to come? I have a carriage leaving in another hour to take us to the dance hall."

"Oh. Um…Jack darling? Are we going to that dance tonight?" Rose turned to address her husband who was rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"Dance? Oh you mean the hoe down. I totally forgot about that it’s been so long. Sure. We’re there," Jack smiled, appearing behind Rose.

"Grand. I’ll leave you two so you can get ready. The carriage will be leaving in another hour," Gladys smiled, disappearing into her own room.

"Come on Rose. Let’s get ready. This is going to be your first country dance," Jack grinned excitedly.

"They’re nothing like the first class gala’s are they?" Rose asked, a bit skeptical.

Jack laughed. Rose had told him about the boring parties that the first class called fun. "No Rose. They’re nothing like the gala’s you’re used to. This is more like the steerage party. Fun, food, dancing, good company. Now come on. We don’t have a moment to waste."


The dance hall was lit up and full of people and lively music. Rose could tell that she was going to have fun at this party.

"So what do you think?" Jack asked as he escorted her inside.

Rose turned to her husband and grinned. "I love it. This place is perfect."

"Come on. Let’s find a table," Jack pulled her over to the side of the room where the chairs and tables were situated. They found one off in the corner. "Here we go Mrs. Dawson."

"Do you think George and Cillie will be here?" Rose looked around for a familiar face and found them entering the dance hall hand in hand.

"There they are. George! Cillie! Over here!" Jack waved them over to the table.

"So you two made it after all," George grinned.

"Yeah, I almost forgot," Jack laughed. "Come join us."

"So Rose how do you like our little town so far? I bet it’s a far cry from Philadelphia," Cillie smiled.

"Oh I love it here. But of course, I’d love it anywhere as long as Jack was with me."

"She’s so sweet," Jack kissed her cheek.

"Jack Dawson! Is that you?!" A elderly woman approached the table. "It’s about time you returned."

Jack laughed. "Hello Mrs. Lavery."

"You never did report for that detention young man. I have a special place waiting just for you," The woman wagged her finger.

Jack just laughed. "Rose this is Mrs. Lavery, my ninth grade teacher. Mrs. Lavery this is my wife Rose."

"Hello," Rose smiled, shaking the woman’s hand.

"If this young man gives you any trouble, just send him to me and I’ll straighten him out for you," The woman smiled kindly.

"I’ll keep that in mind," Rose giggled.

"And you Mr. Dawson…I’ll let you off this time since it’s been so long. But no more ditching my classes."
"Yes Mrs. Lavery," Jack waved as the woman went to her table. "Wow. I didn’t even think she remembered me."

"Well Jack, you’re pretty unforgettable," Rose smiled at her husband.

"As well as my lovely wife. Hey that’s my favorite song!" Jack got to his feet as lively number began top play. "Come on Rose! Let’s show them what we’re made of."

"Jack I can’t. I don’t know how to dance to this type of music," Rose shook her head.

Jack laughed. "Like you knew how to dance to that irish music? Listen just do what you did at the steerage party. Just move your feet. Don’t think," He pulled her to her feet and pulled her close. "Ready?"

"I guess," Rose sputtered then squealed in surprise and delight as Jack began to whirl her around the dance floor. "Jack! Stop!" She screamed in delight, and of course Jack didn’t stop. He just kept going until the song ended. Rose collapsed into her seat exhausted but laughing. "Wow. That was fun."

"You two were great out there," Cillie complimented. "you two should enter the dance contest later tonight."

"oh that’s quite alright. I’m not really used to dancing like this. I only done it once before," Rose smiled, remembering the first time her and Jack had danced. It was the first time she felt truly free.

"Jack Dawson where did you learn to dance like that?" Gladys came up to the table.

"Oh around and about. Different places," Jack shrugged.

"Well you were wonderful. You’re going to have to teach some of us how to dance like that," Gladys nodded.

"Jack Dawson! I can’t believe you decided to return to this little town," A handsome man Jack’s age appeared, escorting a beautiful blonde on his arm.

"Matt!" Jack got up and hugged the man. "Long time no see!"

"And whose fault was that?"

"I know, but I had things to do and people to see," Jack laughed. "Wow. It’s great seeing you again. And who is this?"

"My favorite girl Bessie. Bess this is my best friend Jack Dawson. You remember him don’t you?"

"Oh yes. The skinny blond geek that got into trouble all the time," The blond giggled then looked at Jack again. "Wow you’ve changed. You’re even better looking than Matt now."

"And I’m Rose. Jack’s wife," Rose decided to introduce herself, not liking the way the girl was eyeing her husband. Like he was the most fashionable item on the market.

"Wow Jack. You’ve done well. She’s a beauty," Matt took Rose’s hand and kissed it. "It’s a pleasure to meet you mam."

"Thank you," Rose smiled at the jealousy in Jack’s eyes at Matt’s move.

"It’s nice to meet you Rose," Bessie smiled at Jack, not taking her eyes off him.

"Jack, shall we dance," Rose said pulling her husband onto the dance floor just as a slow song began. "Mmmm this is better."

Jack laughed. "If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were jealous."

"Of who? Bessie? I just don’t like other women ogling my husband. The same way you don’t like other men kissing your wife’s hand," Rose pointed out.

"Rose sweetie. You should know by now that I only have eyes for you," Jack grinned.

"And I only have eyes for you," Rose leaned up and kissed him lightly, not sure how well the town took to public displays of affection.

"You know, when I left, I had a huge crush on Bessie Smith. But she never did give me the time of day," Jack had to laugh.

"And now she can’t keep her eyes off of you," Rose noticed how the blonde’s eyes kept wondering in their direction.

"Rose. There’s no need for you to be jealous," Jack’s serious now. "That crush I had on her is long gone. The only woman who enraptures my attention now is dancing in my arms right this minute."

Rose smiled and allowed Jack to pull her closer. She leans her head against his shoulder and closed her eyes, forgetting about the rest of the world surrounding them. She knew then that her and Jack was forever and nothing was going to come between them.

The slow dance ended and Jack and Rose returned to their table where Matt and his date were setting talking to George and Cillie.

"We’re back," Jack grinned.

"So Jack tell us, where have you been all these years?" Matt leaned back into his chair.

"Yes. How many famous people did you meet?" Bessie smiled flirtatiously up at him.

"Tons. I once saw Monet in Paris. I didn’t actually meet him. I saw him working on one of his paintings," Jack grinned.

"Paris?" Matt arched his eyebrow. "Wow you did get around."

"Did you happen to meet the Caledon Hockley? I heard he was on his engagement tour over there," Bessie asked, her blue eyes lighting up with excitement. She’s had the biggest crush on the handsome son of the steel tychoon for sometime.

Rose just about choked on the punch George had brought over at the name of her ex-fiancee.

"Uh…yeah. The guy was a real asshole though," Jack nervously replied, not wanting to go into much detail.

"Oh. Too bad," Bessie sighed.

"Where else have you been Jack?" Matt asked.

"Santa Monica, South Hampton, Italy…you name it, I’ve been there," Jack grinned.

"Oh wow. And how did you get the means to travel?" Bessie enquired.

"I worked from place to place. Tramp steamers and such. It was a real experience," Jack nodded.

"Well traveling certainly has agreed with you. You’re no longer the Jack Dawson I grew up with. That’s for sure," Bessie continued her flirtation, much to Rose’s frustration.

Noticing Rose’s temper beginning to rise, Jack made the decision it was time to go. "Well Matt it was nice seeing you again. We really have to get together sometime."

"Sure. You’re staying with Mrs. Gladys right? I’ll give you a call. We’ll set something up then," Matt nodded, also ready for Jack to leave. For the first time in his life his date wasn’t paying any attention to him. "It was a pleasure to meet you Rose."
"The pleasure was all mine," Rose smiled, as Jack helped her on with her coat. Waving good-bye, the Dawson’s left the party hand in hand, paying no mind to the curious stares following them.