"Here you go folks! Chippewa Falls! My home sweet home!" Gus announced as they pulled into town. Rose gasped with delight. It was a quaint little town where Jack was from small stores and restaurants lined the streets. There was a park just in the center of town and further down was the elementary school and the church.

"Wow, it feels good to be back," Jack sighed. "I never knew I missed it so much."

"So you’re glad we came now?" Rose squeezed his hand.

"Yes. I’ve very glad. Thank you Rose for insisting I take you here," Jack kissed her gently.

"Newlyweds huh?" Gus turned around, noticing the display of affection.

"Got married three days ago to be exact," Jack smiled.

"Well congratulations. Young love. There’s nothing like it. When I first met my Imogene…that was the best day of my life, then when I married her…pure heaven…"

Rose had to smile. She found the old man incrediably sweet. "I felt that way when I met and married Jack," Rose sighed.

"Well where do you want to go?"

"Mrs. Gladys’s boarding house," Jack grinned.

"Oh I see you know your way around town here," Gus nodded impressed. "You know, I’m afraid I didn’t catch your last name."

"Oh I’m sorry. Dawson. Jack and Rose Dawson."

The carriage came to a holt and Gus turned around to stare at Jack and Rose. "Jack Dawson? You mean you’re Andy’s boy?"

Jack nodded.

"Why look at you! You’re all grown up and married to boot! Wow have I become old! You’re going to be a sight for sore eyes around here boy!" Gus started the carriage going again. "A sight for sore eyes indeed!"

"Wow you must have tons of friends here Jack," Rose looked at her husband in wonder. Jack only shrugged like he didn’t know what she was talking about.

Five minutes later they reach a tall victorian house. Jack is the first out and lifts Rose out of the carriage before gathering their belongings.

"Gladys will die when she sees you walking through the door. She still has that drawing you did of her hanging up above her desk. You are planning on staying aren’t you Jack?"

"For the time being yes. Rose wants to settle down and I think it’s time as well," Jack smiled.

"Good. Good! Well I’ll see you again! Possibly at the dance tomorrow night!"Gus waved taking off back towards Eau Claire.

"He was friendly," Rose giggled.

"He was one of my father’s best friends," Jack squeezed her hand. "Come on Rose. Let’s go get a room so we can get some real sleep." He led her into the house where they find a middle aged woman with rich chestnut hair and brown eyes

"May I help you?" The woman doesn’t look up from the book she is reading.

"Yes mam. We’re here about a room," Jack answered.

The woman’s head shot up at the sound of a familiar voice. She eyes widen with surprise and happiness to see Jack.

"Jack Dawson there you are! Where have you been all this time? You have been sorely missed by this whole town!" The woman got up and pulled Jack into a tight embrace.

"Oh I’ve been around the world and back," Jack laughed.

"And who is this young lady here?" The woman glanced at Rose and back at Jack.

"Mrs. Gladys, I’d like you to meet Rose Dawson. My wife," Jack squeezed Rose’s hand.

"Oh my word you’re married now. Oh my your mother would have been so pleased…it’s so sad she didn’t live long enough to see you wed," Mrs. Gladys had tears in her eyes.

"I believe she was there in spirit though," Jack sighed. "Both of my parents were."

  • "Well welcome home Jack. What can I do for you?"
    "I was wondering if you have a extra room available? It’s been a long
  • three days and both Rose and I can sleep for a week."

    "Of course there’s room. Here’s a key. It’s the last room on the right," She handed Jack two sets of keys. Take your belongings up there then come back down and I’ll fix you two a big breakfast. You must be starving."

    "Thank you Mrs. Gladys," Jack grinned, leading Rose upto their room, leaving Mrs. Gladys downstairs to start the breakfast. She was in the kitchen when she heard the front door open. "George is that you in there?!"

    "Yes Mrs. Gladys," George Dawson entered the house with a crate of milk. "Here’s the order you wanted."

    "Have you and Priscilla found a place of your own yet?"
    "No we haven’t Mrs. Gladys," George sighed. Ever since he moved into that house and his cousin left, it seemed that people have been hounding him more and more. Didn’t they get that the house was his as well as it was his cousins. Besides, Jack had left and hadn’t returned. For all he knew Jack was dead so the house was his anyway.

    "Well I suggest you start looking. Jack’s going to need that house."

    "Well we’ll let Jack decide what he needs when he does return," George sighed, leaving the boarding house.

    "Was that voices down here?" Jack asked, leading Rose back down stairs.

    "Oh yes. Just the milk boy. Come you two. Breakfast is on the stove."


    One hour later, Jack and Rose layed on the bed in each other’s arms, enjoying each other’s company. Rose sighed in contentment. She could lay here in her husband’s arms forever.

    "So when do we head for your parents house?" She asked.

    "Later. I want to get some sleep first."

    "Didn’t you sleep any last night?" Rose asked confused.

    Jack blushed. "I was too busy watching over you. I mean Chippewa Falls is a peaceful town but riff-raff do hang around the trainstations and I just wanted to make sure you remained safe."

    "You are so sweet. I guess you’ll always be my guardian angel."

    "Always," Jack smiled, tenderly kissing her before yawning. "I better get some sleep."

    "Jack one more thing…where will we be living? Your parents house?"
    "Uh…if you don’t mind I rather stay here. That house has too many memories and I rather not live there."

    "If that’s what you want," Rose snuggled closer to her husband. "Just know that I’m here for you if you need to talk or anything."

    "Thank you Rose. But I promised you I’d take you there, and I will. I promise."

    "Ok. Now get some sleep so we can be the tour of the town," Rose smiled, drifting off to sleep herself.