Letter to Claire

Present day…

Rose smiles to herself as she spots in the picture what she was looking for. She had told Brock that she didn’t have a picture of Jack…but in deed she did. She had a whole collection of them. In each picture Jack was there standing behind her. To a person just looking at the picture, they wouldn’t see him. But if one really stood and examined the picture…really examine it, they would see a faint image of a man…so faint that it almost wasn’t there, but it was there none the less, always reminding Rose that he was with her…through thick and thin. Rose remembered the first time she noticed it. It was in the picture she had taken with Claire and Rose had immediately written Claire about it when she sent the copy to her…

Dear Claire,

I’m enclosing with this letter the picture we took together. But you won’t believe what I’m about to say, but you’ll soon see that it’s the truth. That I’m not going out of my head, which I thought I was when I first noticed it. But anyway, let me tell you how I noticed this detail in the picture.

I had picked the pictures up at the film devolopers down town here in Santa Monica and was looking at it, I mean really looking at it. For some reason I had the urge(Probably from Jack) to really examine the picture up close. I could have died when I saw what I saw.

It was Jack Claire. It was our Jack. He was with us that day. He was standing between us, a arm wrapped around our waist. And he was smiling Claire, his beautiful eyes full of pride.

Of course if you just look at the picture, you can’t see him, but if you really examine it really closely, you’ll see him. He’s so faint that you can barely see him, but he’s there all the same. Oh Claire, this makes me so happy. That means he’s with me…even now I can feel his presense. Always there…ready to come to me whenever I may need him.

Enjoy the picture Claire, and whenever you feel lonely or full of doubt, just look at that picture real hard and find Jack. Let his memory fill you and encourage you. I’ll send more pictures later, and of course when our baby is born, I’ll send you a picture as well. Well I’ll let you go now. Write back to the address on the envelope. I should be here in Santa Monica for a good while. I plan to visit that Pier Jack had lived, drawing portraits for ten cents a piece.

I’ll write back soon.

Yours Always,

Rose Dawson