Picture perfect

Rose yawns tiredly as she makes her way back to the room. Her mission was finally done. She had told the story of Titanic and she had returned the heart of the ocean where it rightfully belonged…with her beloved Jack. She knew that this was the exact spot that she had watched him sink into the ocean. She felt it the moment she landed on the ship deck. She was now floating over the watery grave of her beloved…a place she was soon to join him…she knew that for a fact. She was very old now and her body was no longer able to sustain her. In a way she was overjoyed that her time was to come soon. But then again…she was going to miss life with her granddaughter Lizzy. It was a quiet and satisfying life indeed.

Sighing deeply, as she entered the room, her gaze falls on her beloved pictures. Each picture captures the moment of her life that she held most dear….the only one missing…the one that would have completed her collection was a picture of her time with Jack on board Titanic. But that was not to be.

Rose sits her old body down on the bed and picks up the first picture that sets right next to her bed. It’s a picture of a brick house and a young woman with blond hair and blue eyes and herself, standing arm in arm smiling. Oh yes. Claire Penn. Jack’s old girlfriend from Chippewa Falls. Rose closes her eyes and remembers the day she had met Claire.