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Disclaimer: This site is for entertainment purposes only.  Most characters: Jack, Rose, Ruth, Cal, Molly…they belong to James Cameron.  If you need anything from this site, please ask permission first.  J577183@aol.com 

Welcome to the original Dreams of Paradise, formerly Jeanita’s Titanic Stories. This site is now home to all my completed Titanic Fanfiction stories and will remain up in case you want to read the stories, but it will not be updated. Only a few stories will be housed at the new site.

This site will not be updated, it’s just an archive to hold all the past stories I have written. For newly written stories go here: http://www.raysofsunlight.net/titanic.htm

I hope that you will continue to enjoy the stories here and on the other site as wellJ If you’d like to know any new endeavors and updates on what the webmistress is up to go to http://www.raysofsunlight.net my personal website. There you will find updates on Titanic stories and new stories in other Fandoms that may interest you. ByeJ

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